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 12 February 2005, Vol 8 No. 6

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Microsoft Issues Huge Number of Security Updates

by Arie Slob

Hello Windows users,

Microsoft Issues Huge Number of Security Updates Last Tuesday Microsoft issued a massive number of security updates as part of its monthly security update release schedule. A total of 12 security bulletins where released, covering various products including Windows, Exchange, SharePoint and Office.

The Windows fixes include Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, MSN & Windows Messenger technology fixes.

Eight of the security bulletins are rated Critical, three Important and one Moderate. I have listed the Windows Security Bulletin Summary on the Web site Besides those, there's also one Critical update covering Microsoft Office, Project and Visio.

Microsoft Promises: Longhorn beta by June

Windows Longhorn Microsoft is targeting a June release for Beta 1 of Longhorn, the next major Windows client release. That news came from John Montgomery, a director in Microsoft's developer division, during an interview taken at the VSLive conference in San Francisco.

An early version might also be made available at the WinHEC 2005 (Windows Hardware Engineering Conference), which is held from April 25-27 in Seattle. Last year, build 4074 was made available at WinHEC 2004, but since then, changes to Longhorn have been announced by Microsoft affecting the core of the Operating System.

Last August Microsoft announced that the presentation engine called Avelon and Web services architecture called Indigo where being removed from the Longhorn release, so they can be offered to both the current (Windows XP & Windows Server 2003) and future (Longhorn) Windows Operating System.

As I reported last year September, another component of Longhorn, WinFS, the new Windows storage subsystem, has been delayed past Longhorn's release date. WinFS will be added to Longhorn at a later date, although it's unclear when.

So we can at least expect the first Longhorn Beta this year, and get a first look at Longhorn in its current form.

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Useful tool: February 8, 2005 Enterprise Update Scan Tool

Microsoft has released a new tool designed to help enterprises detect updates provided with the Microsoft Security Bulletins released February 8, 2005. This tool is a command line scanning tool intended to help you determine which systems may need the security updates provided with the released bulletins. More information can be found in the readme.rtf file packaged with the tool download.

Supported OS: Windows 2000, Server 2003, XP

Download [742 KB].

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