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w   Microsoft Releases First Beta of "Office 11"
w   Recent Support BBS Postings
w   Recommended Book: Windows XP Inside Out
w   Web Site Updates
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Microsoft Releases First Beta of "Office 11"

by Arie Slob

Hello Windows users,

Microsoft Releases First Beta of "Office 11" This week, Microsoft announced the first beta release of its next version of Microsoft® Office, code-named "Office 11", which is expected to ship in mid-2003. There won't be many surprises in Office 11 as far as most people are concerned though. The mayor change seems to be to be the extensive support for XML (an open standard) as a native data format, a move which will let Office be more interoperable with other systems.

"The key word to describe 'Office 11' is 'connected,'" said Joe Eschbach, vice president of the Information Worker Product Management Group at Microsoft. "It's about connecting people with all the disparate sources of information in their work environment, with the processes necessary to complete their jobs, and with the other people they rely on to complete projects and make decisions. In short, it's about making them more productive by removing unnecessary barriers to success."

E-mail has emerged as the primary conduit for communication in many businesses, and managing the ever-increasing flow of information can be overwhelming yet critical to an information worker's success. With Office 11, the Microsoft Outlook® messaging and collaboration client has undergone improvements to help people more effectively manage the large amount of information that crosses their desktops and to enhance the way they read, prioritize, file and track e-mail. Because information workers aren't always working online or from the office, Outlook includes an improved mobile e-mail experience that is more consistent across the range of today's networks and data connections. By introducing a new cached e-mail system and intelligent connection settings, Outlook allows mobile workers to get to their e-mail more quickly and transfer between data connections with little or no interruption.

Microsoft Office has seen a slowdown in sales over the recent years, mainly because of its high price, and lack of new exiting features, as well as increased competition from StarOffice, Corel WordPerfect and OpenOffice.

Recent Support BBS Postings

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  Recommended Book:
  Windows XP Inside Out, Deluxe Edition

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This DELUXE EDITION reference digs even deeper into Windows XP, including all-new coverage of Service Pack 1, plus a wealth of new resources on CD-ROM. Now you get even more timesaving solutions, tips, and tools—all in concise, fast-answers format!

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Web Site Updates

These pages were added/updated in the past 2 weeks. Information on previously updated/added pages is available on the What's New? page for 1 month.

Added: Sluggish Internet Access Lately?
Added: Upgrading To AOL 8.0

Updated: Registry First Aid
Added: HTML Page Protector


Added: IDC: Web services at least decade away
Added: Microsoft Releases First Beta of "Office 11"


Sluggish Internet Access Lately?

It's not your Internet Service Provider; it is an attack on the Internet Backbone itself.

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Upgrading To AOL 8.0

There are added features for parents that can control your kids' access, but they're best used with a router!

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New Tools Now Available in the Office XP Resource Kit

An updated version of the Microsoft® Office XP Resource Kit core tool set is now available that provides new tools, updates, and a number of minor fixes.

Office XP Resource Kit Web site
IDC: Web services at least decade away

The next phase for Web services --delivering software as services--is at least a decade away from being fulfilled, according to a report released this week by market researcher IDC.

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