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w   Microsoft Updates Network Security Hotfix
     Checker Tool

w   Featured Software: Academic Flashcards
w   Recommended Book: PC Technician Black Book
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Microsoft Updates Network Security Hotfix Checker Tool

by Arie Slob

Hello Windows users,

Last week, Microsoft released an update to the Network Security Hotfix Checker Tool (HFNetChk) it first released in August last year. The new version now includes support for Windows XP.

The tool can be used to assess patch status for the Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows XP operating systems, as well as hotfixes for Internet Information Server 4.0 (IIS), Internet Information Services 5.0 (IIS), SQL Server 7.0, and SQL Server 2000 (including Microsoft Data Engine [MSDE]), and Internet Explorer 5.01 or later.

You can download this (command line) tool from Microsoft [255KB].

Information on how to run this tool can be found in Microsoft Knowledge Base Q303215, while the FAQ is located in article Q305385.

To assist with hotfix installation without requiring multiple reboots, you can use the Qchain.exe [57KB] tool. You can use this tool to install multiple hotfixes at one time with only one reboot. For additional information about Qchain.exe, check Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q296861.

Note: When testing the links shortly before sending out this Newsletter I noticed that Microsoft's file servers are having problems. When you receive a The page cannot be found notice, I suggest you check again in a day or so....

Rose City Software

Academic Flashcards

"I'm a college student at Carthage College who downloaded Academic Flashcards and I love it (it help me pull a 98% on a Biochem test!) I've told all my fraternity brothers about it for next term!"
-- Ray Flavell, USA

Recommended Book: PC Technician Black Book

PC Technician Black Book

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Publication date: May 2001

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There are several excellent PC repair books -- but they're bulky. To find an answer, you have to wade through tons of theory and extraneous reference material. PC Technician Black Book is a breath of fresh air. Written in the popular Black Book format with a hardware focus: Each chapter begins with a to-the-point overview, followed by a set of specific problems and step-by-step troubleshooting solutions, carefully cross-referenced.

This book cuts out the unnecessary background reference material and filler to bring you clear, concise, and necessary reference information followed by problem solving solutions in an easy-to-use format. Each unit within the book contains: a common customer complaint, symptoms common to the problem, tools needed (hand, hardware, or software), step-by-step processes used to verify the problem, and the step-by-step processes used to correct the problem.

To Order: USA | EU (£34.99)

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Web Site Updates

These pages were added/updated in the past 2 weeks. Information on previously updated/added pages is available on the What's New? page for 1 month.
Added: Napster To Come Back Online

Updated: Microsoft Releases Network Security Hotfix Checker Tool

Windows XP
Updated: Windows XP, Installing and Setup
Added: Using Program Compatibility Wizard


Napster To Come Back Online

Just a few weeks until Napster's newly revamped website is back up!

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Windows XP Tip: Using Program Compatibility Wizard

Windows XP includes a "Compatibility Mode" in which you can "fool" programs into thinking they are running in an older Windows version.

If you are having problems with a program that used to work in your previous version of Windows, you should try the Program Compatibility Wizard included in Windows XP to get your program to function properly.

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Windows Me Tip: Compressed Folders

The new Compressed Folder feature works similar to the WinZip utility, but it's built right into Windows Me.

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List of Supported Display Adapters for Multiple Monitors and Dualview in Windows XP

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q307397 lists adapters that are supported natively in Windows XP as secondary display adapters or Dualview adapters.

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