Windows-Help.NET Newsletter 20 April 2002, Vol 5 No. 16

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w   Jim Allchin: Next Windows beyond 2003
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Jim Allchin: Next Windows beyond 2003

by Arie Slob

Hello Windows users,

WinHEC In his keynote address on the opening day of the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) 2002, Jim Allchin, Group Vice President of the Windows Platform group briefly discussed the next major Windows release (code-named Longhorn).

This is what he had to say: "The next big wave for us is beyond 2003, which we're working on very hard, and Longhorn is the code name. We're going to synchronize a tremendous amount of our technology behind that."

Michael Toutonghi, Corporate Vice President of the eHome Division, commented on Longhorn Tuesday, and mentioned a more specific date that Longhorn would ship, namely in the second half of 2004.

Longhorn was first expected to be released sometime next year as a relatively minor update to Windows XP. But instead, Longhorn will (probably) be significantly different. Would it be possible that Microsoft delivers a complete new 3-D user interface?

Allchin also touched on the release of Windows .NET Server, the successor to the Windows 2000 Server operating system. As I reported last March, this release has also been delayed. Allchin confirmed that Microsoft is close to releasing .NET Server saying: "It will be later this calendar year, from at least a manufacturing perspective, probably be in customers' hands some time next year."

He also stated that Microsoft will come out with Windows XP Service Pack 1 "In the middle of this year". No word on (the long overdue) Service Pack 3 for Windows 2000.....

Rose City Software

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The Sleuthhound

"This is the BEST program I have seen!!! I spent two days trying to write and work with ASP scripts and other horrible search programs that only searched HTML files but The Sleuthhound works with many file types and it is easy to use and configure now."
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Added: Free, an Alternative to StarOffice
Added: Microsoft's Corona To Offer Instant-On Video


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Added: Clean up your Hard Drive
Added: Microsoft Posts Windows XP CD Burning Update


Free, an Alternative to StarOffice

There's still a totally free Office Suite available.

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Microsoft's Corona To Offer Instant-On Video

Broadband users to benefit most if Microsoft gets Corona finished and released for use.

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Windows XP Tip: Clean up your Hard Drive

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