Windows-Help.NET Newsletter 4 May 2002, Vol 5 No. 18

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w   Office NGO - Next version of Office?
w   Featured Software: Easy-Budget
w   Recent Support BBS Postings
w   Cool Gadget: Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer
w   Web Site Updates
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Office NGO - Next version of Office?

by Arie Slob

Hello Windows users,

Last month, a fascinating Shockwave animation made its appearance on the Internet. The animation purports to demonstrate some features of the next version of Microsoft Office, currently code-named Office NGO (Next Generation Office).

This new Office version promises to include links to a number of online services which include:

  • MyOffice Personal Web Portal
  • Email account
  • Calendaring
  • Notifications/alerts
  • Meeting workspaces
  • Team workspaces with document storage
  • Inbound/outbound faxing
  • Content such as templates, communities, training and more

We can safely assume that the information in the Shockwave animation is pretty accurate, as Microsoft is requesting every one who posts the Shockwave animation on the Internet to remove it, citing "posting of an unauthorized release of an MS concept piece".

You can try to find it by using a search engine, and searching for OfficeNGO.swf (try Google), or you can see screenshots of the animation on our Web site.

I wouldn't draw conclusions with just this little Shockwave animation. It's not certain that it is genuine, although judging by Microsoft's requests to Web sites to take down the animation, it would appear to rate some sort of "authority seal". This animation doesn't discuss any Office application (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, or Access) features at all. It's just an overview of the online services and subscription possibilities.

There are some people who believe it all to be a fake (I can't imagine why Microsoft would ask Web site publishers to take down the shockwave animation if it were a fake...), and if it is, then I'd just say that it's a pretty elaborate one. We'll see what we find in Office .NET.

Rose City Software


Easy-Budget is a new, basic, easy-to-use personal finance program which allows you to track income and expenses quickly & conveniently. Designed for simplicity of use and endorsed by accountants for their clients, the program provides "one-click" access to a summary screen detailing your actual versus budgeted expenses for year-to-date or any given month.

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  Cool Gadget: Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer

Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer

Our Price: $49.99

PS2/USB - PC/Mac

In Association With

Reach a new level of performance with superior comfort, flexibilty, and stunning good looks. The Microsoft® IntelliEye® optical technology is the answer if your mouse ever sticks, skips, or hangs. IntelliEye technology uses an optical sensor to track movement, rather than the standard ball and moving parts. IntelliEye optical technology provides increased control and precision and works on most surfaces.

I have had one of these myself for nearly a year now, and wouldn't want to be without it! Much more precision in positioning the cursor, and no more cleaning of any moving parts!

To Order: USA | UK (£37.99)

Web Site Updates

These pages were added/updated in the past 2 weeks. Information on previously updated/added pages is available on the What's New? page for 1 month.
Added: Looking For A Truly Versatile Router?
Added: Buying a car - tips on how to maintain it
Added: Email Spam Coming To Your Telephone and Snail Mail Box
Added: Buying a car - more tips on how to come out a winner


Added: Office NGO - Next version of Office?


Looking For A Truly Versatile Router?

Talk about back-up capabilities! This isn't your ordinary back-up option...

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Email Spam Coming To Your Telephone and Snail Mail Box

You've seen the spam, are ready for it to come streaming into your real mailbox? To your telephone and Fax Machine?

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HOW TO: Install and Configure Speech Recognition in Windows XP

If you want to Install and Configure Speech Recognition in Windows XP, check out this Microsoft TechNet article.

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