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w   Microsoft Finally Releases Windows 2000 SP3
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Microsoft Finally Releases Windows 2000 SP3

by Arie Slob

Hello Windows users,

Windows 2000 SP3 Microsoft has at long last finalized the long awaited Service Pack 3 (SP3) for Windows 2000, over 14 months after Service Pack 2 was released.

Besides a list of bug fixes and security enhancements, SP3 also includes changes to comply with a settlement that was agreed upon with the Justice Department and nine states back in November last year. Under the settlement, Microsoft must allow consumers or PC makers to hide user access to so-called middleware: Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Windows Media Player, Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine and Windows Messenger. This is achieved by a new entry in Add/Remove Programs, called Set Program Access and Defaults.

Another added feature is the Automatic Updates, which notifies you when critical Windows 2000 fixes are available. Automatic Updates is a proactive pull service that automatically downloads and installs Windows updates, such as critical operating system fixes and Windows security patches. For more information about Automatic Updates, read the Deployment Guide for Windows 2000 SP3.

The Readme file provides installation instructions & and other information, while the Release Notes provide most up-to-date information on Windows 2000 SP3 release notes and known issues. You can view a list of Windows 2000 fixes included in Windows 2000 SP3.

Another document which could be particularly useful for system administrators it the Installation and Deployment Guide. The guide provides instructions for administrators installing hotfixes for Windows 2000 Professional, Server, Advanced Server, and Windows 2000 with Server Appliance Kit. This guide includes technical details, procedures, and recommendations for successfully installing Windows 2000 hotfixes on multiple computers in a small business or corporate environment.

There are two ways to get Windows 2000 SP3. You can download it directly from Microsoft, or you can order the Windows 2000 SP3 CD (USA/CAN only).

SP3 is available as an Express or Network Installation. The Express installation detects your system components and installs only those updates that are necessary for your computer. For example, files for Windows 2000 Professional will not be installed if your computer is running Windows 2000 Server. This method is recommended for customers who want to reduce their download time. This is for single computer installation only. If you want to install on more then one machine, choose the Network Installation.

According to Microsoft, using the Express Installation on a typical Windows 2000 Professional machine will be around 22 MB, while a Windows 2000 Server and Advanced Server will be around 33.6 MB. The full SP3 Network Installation is 124.68 MB. The Network installation includes all of the Windows 2000 SP3 files needed for installation on Windows 2000 Professional, Server, or Advanced Server. This is an ideal download mechanism for IT professionals who require a downloadable copy of Windows 2000 SP3 that they can use for network deployment.

Note: If you have not installed a previous Windows 2000 Service Pack, you only need to install Windows 2000 SP3 to get all of the Windows 2000 updates. If you have installed a previous Windows 2000 Service Pack, Microsoft recommends that you install Windows 2000 SP3 without uninstalling the previous service pack.

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Added: Microsoft Licensing 6.0 Starts Today

Windows 2000
Added: Microsoft Finally Releases Windows 2000 SP3


Microsoft Licensing 6.0

This month marks the start of the Microsoft Licensing 6.0 scheme, which was originally scheduled to come into effect October 1st 2001.

Licensing 6.0 came under heavy criticism almost as soon as it was first announced. Many companies are resenting the fact that the new licensing scheme requires lengthy contracts, and in effect raises prices by up to 107 percent - according to some reports.

The research firm Gartner published some advice on how to "Win Better Discounts on Microsoft Version 6 Agreements".

More information about Licensing 6 can be found on Microsoft's Licensing site.
Windows 98 Tips & Tricks

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Windows XP Tip: Disable Error Reporting

Whenever an application suffers from an error, and is closed down by the system or by you, the Microsoft Error Reporting feature will pop up, asking you if you want to send a report about the problem to Microsoft.

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