Windows-Help.NET Newsletter 29 Sept. 2001, Vol 4 No. 39

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w   Windows XP Upgrade Advisor
w   Free "Dream PC for Life" Sweepstakes
w   Featured Software: SynchroMagic
w   Recent Support BBS Postings
w   Web Site Updates
w   Administrivia


  Windows XP Upgrade Advisor

by Arie Slob

Hello Windows users,

Windows XP Microsoft posted their Windows XP Upgrade Advisor tool for download on their Web site. The Upgrade Advisor is a tool that checks your system hardware and software to see if it is ready for upgrade to Windows XP. If you run Upgrade Advisor while you are connected to the Internet, and if your system needs updates that are available on the Windows Update Web site, Upgrade Advisor will find and install the updates for you.

You can use the Upgrade Advisor as long as your current Windows version is eligible for upgrade to Windows XP. For more information about upgrade eligibility see: Windows XP, which version.... Home or Professional?

The Upgrade Advisor download is large (nearly 32MB), and is recommended only for download over a high-speed Internet connection, such as DSL or cable modem.

The Upgrade Advisor is the same tool that is used to scan your system for compatibility issues before you install Windows XP. For that reason, some of the language in the tool may imply that you are actually installing Windows XP. Also note that at this time the tool is only available for U.S. language versions of Windows. According to Microsoft, International sites may be offering Upgrade Advisor in the future, so check with your local language Microsoft site for availability.

Download the Upgrade Advisor [32MB]

  Free "Dream PC for Life" Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes From Microsoft and Sony Will Give 52 Winners Sony VAIO PCs With Windows XP For Top Digital Experience, Follow-Up Prizes Every Three Years

Microsoft and Sony are holding a sweepstakes in which a few lucky winners will receive a Sony VAIO PC with Windows XP and a new Sony PC or its equivalent price every three years for 33 years.*

Microsoft and Sony today announced their monthlong Dream PC for Life sweepstakes, an unprecedented event that will give 52 winners a state-of-the-art PC or its equivalent every three years for 36 years. The prize will be awarded as follows: Each winner will initially receive a fully equipped VAIO® PC with Windows XP. Three years after their initial award, they will receive a new Sony VAIO PC. Three years after that, they'll begin receiving a $1,500 PC Purchase Allowance to be used toward the purchase of a new Sony PC every three years for a total of 10 Allowances awarded over 30 years.

Winners will initially receive one of four prize bundles featuring a suite of Sony VAIO PCs and various Sony digital devices:

  • Wireless system. Sony VAIO R505 SuperSlim Pro™ notebook, complementary SlimDock™ mobile docking solution, Go America modem and one year of Go America wireless communications service
  • Music system. Sony C1 PictureBook™ ultra-light mobile PC with built-in digital camera and a NW-MS9 Memory Stick® Walkman
  • Digital photo system. Sony VAIO RX Digital Studio series (PCV-RX540) desktop PC and DSC-P50 digital still camera
  • Digital video system. Sony VAIO RX Digital Studio series (PCV-RX540) and DCR-TRV17 digital camcorder

Consumers who want to enter should visit the main sweepstakes Web site. Contestants will need to complete the sweepstakes registration form, including three simple questions about their PC use. All 52 winners of the Sony VAIO PCs with Windows XP will be announced on Oct. 22.

Rose City Software


"I travel a great deal and always have to synchronize my laptop with my office desktop. SynchroMagic gets the job quickly and efficiently in about 1/10th the time it used to take me and I never forget any files! And when I return to the office synching back to my desktop is a no brainer. I love this software!"
-- David Rees, USA

Recent Support BBS Postings

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Web Site Updates

These pages were added/updated in the past week. Information on previously updated/added pages is available on the What's New? page for 1 month.
Added: I Can Make Your Eyes Glass Over With One Word... "Microsoft"
Added: Can't Get Out To Rent A Newly Released Movie?

Updated: TweakMASTER - double your download speeds instantly!
Added: Audio Sliders - Feature-packed replacement for the Windows Volume Control!


Added: Free "Dream PC for Life" Sweepstakes
Added: Microsoft Introduces TV Photo Viewer

Windows XP
Added: Microsoft to Launch Windows XP in New York City
Added: Windows XP Upgrade Advisor


I Can Make Your Eyes Glass Over With One Word... "Microsoft"

Microsoft's seven-year court case may be over, but those restrictions imposed will affect us all.

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Can't Get Out To Rent A Newly Released Movie?

No need to leave the house ever again as movies will be soon available to rent and download to your computer without ever leaving the house.

Read Full Article

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Attend a Windows XP Launch Event and save $$$!

Get rebate coupons for Windows XP (professional) and Office XP by attending a Windows XP Launch Event.

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Microsoft Introduces TV Photo Viewer

Microsoft this week introduced its TV Photo Viewer, an easy-to-use, compact device designed to extend the viewing and sharing of digital photos from the home office to the living room.

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Support WebCast: Microsoft Windows XP Setup Discussion

This Support WebCast provides an overview of the Microsoft Windows XP setup process and options that are available. This session will talk about some common issues that may occur during setup.

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