Windows-Help.NET Newsletter 21 July 2001, Vol 4 No. 29

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w   MP3 Ripping and DVD Playback Add-Ons For
     WMP for Windows XP

w   Featured Software: QuickRun
w   Book: Windows 2000 Power Toolkit
w   Web Site Updates
w   Administrivia

Registry First Aid

  MP3 Ripping and DVD Playback Add-Ons For WMP for
  Windows XP

by Arie Slob

Hello Windows users,

Windows Media This week, Microsoft, together with CyberLink Corp., InterVideo Inc. and RAVISENT Technologies Inc., announced two new add-on products for Microsoft® Windows® XP. The first is the MP3 Creation Pack, which will for the first time enable CD ripping (recording) into the MP3 format using Windows Media™ Player for Windows XP. The second add-on is the DVD Decoder Pack, which will install support for the playback of DVDs via Windows Media Player for Windows XP if a user does not have a DVD decoder. CyberLink, InterVideo and RAVISENT each will offer Microsoft Windows XP users the opportunity to purchase the MP3 Creation Pack and the DVD Decoder Pack separately or together.

"Windows XP provides a great experience for MP3 users and, with the addition of the new add-on packs, it just got better," said Dave Fester, general manager of the Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft. "Customers now have expanded choice for both of the leading digital music formats, as well as a great selection of vendors to choose from in CyberLink, InterVideo and RAVISENT."

CyberLink, InterVideo and RAVISENT's MP3 Creation Packs for Windows XP will offer users an easy way for Windows Media Player for Windows XP users to rip personal CD collections into the MP3 format at high-speed bit rates. This ability adds to the support for MP3 in Windows Media Player for Windows XP and ensures that Windows XP will provide the best and most complete MP3 experience of any operating system.

Beyond CD ripping for MP3, Microsoft announced last February that Windows XP users will be able to play their existing MP3 music collections, add album art and lyrics to their MP3 music collections, create playlists that combine MP3 and Windows Media Audio music, burn music CDs and transfer MP3s to portable music devices. Windows XP even offers intelligent media management so that when consumers move an MP3 file anywhere on their computer, the Windows Media Player will automatically know where it has moved on the PC.

The DVD Decoder Pack for Windows XP will also be offered by CyberLink, InterVideo and RAVISENT for Windows XP users who have PCs with DVD drives but do not have a DVD decoder preinstalled on their PC. This new add-on pack ensures that users of Windows XP with a DVD drive can play their favorite DVDs in the Windows Media Player just as they play their CDs, digital music and movies. The Windows Media Player also enhances the playback of DVDs with new innovative features including full-screen video controls for DVD playback, easy-to-navigate DVD chapter listings, and the first built-in support for All Media Guide's (AMG's) DVD metadata information such as cover art, chapter listings, and actor and director credits.


CyberLink, InterVideo and RAVISENT will each offer for download via the Web an MP3 Creation Pack for Windows XP and a DVD Decoder Pack for Windows XP. Users of Windows XP will be able to order and download these new add-on packs from each company's Web site via links inside Windows Media Player for Windows XP. The add-on packs for Windows XP can be purchased separately or together and will be available for download by Oct. 25. Pricing for each pack will be determined by the respective company.

Rose City Software


"I was sooo tired of working my way thru five layers of the Programs Menu to access my favorite programs. QuickRun allows me to go right to them, plus any files I refer to a lot, right from an easily accessible menu. And I really like cleaning up my system tray and moving all those useless little icons into one popup menu. This is a great tool!"
-- Jeremy Braithewaite, Australia

  Recommended Book: Windows 2000 Power Toolkit

Windows 2000 Power Toolkit

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Web Site Updates

These pages were added/updated in the past week. Information on previously updated/added pages is available on the What's New? page for 1 month.
Added: SirCam@mm worm sends out your files
Added: Installing and Activating Office XP
Added: Fears Abound Over De-Activating Microsoft XP Software


Windows XP
Added: MP3 Ripping and DVD Playback Add-Ons For Windows Media Player for Windows XP


Installing and Activating Office XP

Tips on installing Office XP for the first time, or to correct that Office XP installation that might be causing some new kinks in your system.

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Fears Abound Over De-Activating Microsoft XP Software

Anger simmers over the need to have to call and ask Big-Brother, er... Microsoft... for permission to continue using your own software.

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SirCam@mm worm sends out your files

The SirCam@mm worm collects e-mail addresses from Windows Address Book and Temporary Internet Files, and attaches a file from the 'My Documents' folder to emails it sends out.

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Partitioning Your Hard Drive

Maximizing Your Hard Drive Space, an InfiniSource TechFile.

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