Windows-Help.NET Newsletter 17 Nov. 2001, Vol 4 No. 46

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w   Microsoft Launches Xbox
w   Featured Software: Magic Notes
w   Microsoft Security Bulletin
w   Recent Support BBS Postings
w   Web Site Updates
w   Administrivia


  Microsoft Launches Xbox

by Arie Slob

Hello Windows users,

Microsoft® Xbox This Thursday, Microsoft launched its long awaited video game system Xbox™ when the first console was delivered at a Toys "R" Us store in New York's Time Square.

"The future of gaming starts today, and it starts with Xbox," said Bill Gates, chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft Corp. "Xbox is a key part of our strategy to drive the digital entertainment revolution and deliver the future of interactive entertainment to the home. It's a great example of how Microsoft is innovating. But most important, it's incredibly cool."

The powerful Xbox launch lineup includes these five video games:

  • Halo™, an epic action game that takes place in a science-fiction universe fresh out of a Hollywood movie
  • NFL™ Fever 2002, an officially licensed football game that combines fast and hard-hitting action with stunning TV-quality graphics
  • Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee™, the game its creators said they couldn't make on any other system
  • Project Gotham Racing™, which lets gamers jump into Ferraris, Porsches and BMWs and race with blazing speed through the streets of New York City, London, San Francisco and Tokyo
  • Dead or Alive 3™, said to be the best fighting game ever, which showcases the full potential of 3-D combat with the largest, most interactive environment ever

In the coming week, another 19 games should become available for Xbox, and another 10 to 15 games will hit store shelves before the end of the holiday season. These include some exciting titles from some of the best game developers, including Electronic Arts, Sega of America, Konami of America Inc., Activision Inc. and Namco Ltd.

Xbox Online: The Future of Gaming

With its built-in hard drive, coupled with the built-in Ethernet port for broadband connectivity, the Xbox will connect players and let them play at global playgrounds. The online capability of Xbox will allow players to access new levels, new characters and new games, all from the comfort of their living room couch. No other system has this built-in capability. (Broadband is scheduled to go live in summer 2002.)

"With a built-in hard drive and Ethernet port, Xbox is the only system designed from the ground up to deliver a complete online gaming experience. Online is our secret weapon," said Robbie Bach, chief Xbox officer at Microsoft.

Microsoft expects to sell 1.5 million units of the Xbox, with an estimated retail price of $299. The Xbox can be found at more than 15,000 retail locations across North America. A list of retailers can be found at the Microsoft Xbox site.

Rose City Software

Updated Release

Magic Notes

Magic Notes offers you a unique way to control, maintain and share small pieces of information like To Do lists, appointments or just thoughts and ideas you want to save for later. Magic Notes, the clever notes.

Microsoft Security

Cookie Data in IE Can Be Exposed or Altered Through Script Injection

Microsoft has posted the patch for this vulnerability reported in lasts week Newsletter.

Affected Software Versions

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0


Invalid Universal Plug and Play Patch Could Cause Problems on Windows Me

Microsoft have posted the new Windows Me patch to remedy this vulnerability, after it was discovered (as reported in last weeks Newsletter) that there were problems with the original Windows Me patch. For more information check the updated Security Bulletin.

Recent Support BBS Postings

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Web Site Updates

These pages were added/updated in the past week. Information on previously updated/added pages is available on the What's New? page for 1 month.
Added: NVIDIA Branches Out Into Motherboard Chips
Added: Truly Portable Data
Added: Wireless Cell Phones Fighting To Gain More Popularity
Added: MemoryBoost 2.0 released
Updated: Magic Notes 3.1 released

Added: Microsoft Launches Xbox
Updated: Microsoft Security: Cookie Data in IE Can Be Exposed or Altered Through Script Injection
Added: Microsoft Releases DirectX 8.1
Added: Microsoft Announces Availability of Producer for PowerPoint 2002

Windows Me
Updated: Microsoft Security: Invalid Universal Plug and Play Request can Disrupt System Operation

Windows XP
Updated: Windows XP, Installing and Setup
Added: Icon Text not Transparent on Desktop
Added: Improve Performance by Disabling Indexing Service
Updated: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Added: Computer Reboots Without Warning
Added: Windows .NET Server Beta 3


NVIDIA Branches Out Into Motherboard Chips

Is there an NVIDIA nForce Chipset in your future?

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Truly Portable Data

Tiny storage device hangs from your key ring, & can be used in any device equipped with a USB port.

Read Full Article

Cellular Phones Fighting To Gain More Popularity

Seems like everyone's got a cell phone glued to their ear, but it isn't enough say wireless experts.

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Microsoft Training & Certification

Microsoft T&C

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Microsoft Releases DirectX 8.1

Microsoft last week announced the release of the final version of Microsoft® DirectX® 8.1. The new version delivers fast performance for DirectX-enabled games and other rich media software. DirectX 8.1 also provides support for the latest generation of 3-D graphics acceleration hardware.

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Microsoft Announces Availability of Producer for PowerPoint 2002

Microsoft's Bill Gates this week announced the availability of the FREE Microsoft® Producer for PowerPoint® 2002 in his keynote address at COMDEX Fall 2001. Producer, an add-on for PowerPoint 2002 in Office XP, makes it easy for everyday business users and media professionals to create engaging rich-media presentations by synchronizing audio, video, slides and images.

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Windows .NET Server Beta 3

Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates this week announced in his keynote speech at COMDEX Fall 2001 that Microsoft Corp.'s beta 3 of its next-generation Windows® server family would be made available to beta testers later this month.

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