Windows-Help.NET Newsletter 05 May 2001, Vol 4 No. 18
 Windows XP to be Delayed?

by Arie Slob

Hello Windows users,

Windows XP There have been several stories in the media in the past week about a possible delay for Windows XP. C|Net is reporting that the launch of Microsoft's Xbox (game console) could be a factor in pushing the release date for Windows XP into 2002.

Mary Jo Foley, reporting for Ziff Davis Internet, on April 30 reported that Microsoft revised its internal release schedule, which now sees Windows XP delivered for manufacturing on July 25. This would mean that Windows XP would be available for retail in October.

This last report is also claiming that Windows XP is "late", despite the fact that Microsoft's official statement is that Windows XP will be released "in the second half of 2001". To arrive at the statement that XP is "late", correspondents often use internal Microsoft schedules, which are of course not officially acknowledged by Microsoft. It's also a known fact that Microsoft's internal schedules are constantly adjusted.

We know for a fact that the second beta of Windows XP was delayed for a month last March, so this will also affect the RTM (Release To Manufacturing) date, but because Microsoft never gave a precise date for Windows XP's availability, it's a bit premature to call Windows XP late.

My opinion? I think that Microsoft is still in a good position to release Windows XP this year, and that you'll see it in the retail stores around October. An October retail availability is also the last possible date that OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) need to have the OS to pre-load it on new machines in time for the Christmas holiday season..... We'll just have to wait and see.

Microsoft Names "Whistler" Server Family: Windows 2002

In an address to Gartner, Inc. "Windows 2000 and Beyond" conference on April 30, John Enck, Gartner's research director of server strategies, revealed that Microsoft's enterprise server products, previously code-named "Whistler," will be released under the name Windows 2002.


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Dell recalls faulty batteries

Dell is voluntarily recalling certain batteries that were sold for use with some models of Dell™ Inspiron™ notebook computers. These batteries are subject to overcharge, potentially causing them to overheat, release smoke and possibly catch fire.

According to sources, some 284,000 batteries are involved in the recall.

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When you close Internet Explorer 5 or Outlook Express, and it's the last Internet Application you close, you will get a dialog box asking if you want to disconnect your connection. To stop this, read this tip

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Added: Microsoft Names "Whistler" Server Family: Windows 2002

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