Windows-Help.NET Newsletter 30 Sept. 2000, Vol 3 No. 39
 Microsoft Windows 2000 Datacenter Server Available

by Arie Slob

Dear Windows-Help.NET Subscriber,

Windows 2000 Datacenter Server This week, Steve Ballmer, president and CEO of Microsoft Corp., together with industry partners, kicked off the availability of the Windows® Datacenter Program. The launch marks the delivery of Microsoft's and industry partners' joint commitment to provide customers with reliability, scalability and the best business investment for mission-critical computing environments. Windows 2000 Datacenter Server, coupled with the Microsoft® .NET enterprise servers, represents a significant step toward the delivery of the .NET Platform.

In addition, Microsoft launched the Datacenter Infrastructure Vendor Program (DIV) to qualify strategic infrastructure vendors such as enterprise storage and enterprise backup vendors. The DIV provides customers with additional choice while preserving overall system integrity.

EMC announced that it is the first vendor to become authorized under the DIV program.

"With the delivery of the Windows Datacenter Program, we have changed the way we do business," Ballmer said. "Microsoft has teamed with industry leaders to provide innovative technology and broad alternatives to expensive proprietary systems, offering customers uncompromising reliability, flexibility and scalability."

For more information on the Windows Datacenter Program, check the Microsoft Datacenter Web site.

Outlook Express and Internet Explorer 5.5 Can Allow Local Files to be Read

Veteran bug hunter Georgi Guninski has reported another bug in Internet Explorer (IE) and Outlook Express 5.5, which lets an intruder remotely read files from local and mapped drives. Microsoft is aware of this problem but has not yet responded.

Details | Demonstration.

When Microsoft offers a fix, we will report it on our Web site, as well in the next Newsletter.

TweakUI Bug?

There seems to be a bug in TweakUI, when used on Windows Me. On the Desktop tab, you have the option to choose First icon on desktop, and you can choose My Documents or My Computer. When you choose My Computer, and you try to access the My Network Places, you will receive Internet Explorer script errors, and the display for My Network Places will stay empty. Just revert back to having the My Documents icon as the first icon on your desktop, and this will restore the functionality of My Network Places.

This only seems to happen if you have Web view turned on (Explorer > Tools > Folder Options), which is the default setting. When you turn Web view off, it works without errors.

We have had a number of reports on this, and have been able to replicate this behaviour. Please drop us a note with more details if you've experienced this.


Copying a Hard Drive

How to easily copy your data from one hard drive to another hard drive.


Looking (Gasp, Spying!) Over Someone's Shoulder

Knowing what someone is doing on their computer is an employer's right, a parental need, and very easy to do...


TradeTrakker Beta

A new Beta version 1.3 became available for TradeTrakker Deluxe on Sept 28, 2000. This new version will track stocks on most major world exchanges, and features a long list of major enhancements.


Massive Denial-of-Service Attack Looming

Malicious hackers have hijacked hundreds of computer systems that could be used to help wage large-scale attacks similar to those that brought down, Yahoo and other high-profile Web sites last February, according to an alert issued by the CERT Coordination Center, a government-funded security project.


Windows Me and PacBell DSL

Last week I pointed you to a workaround when using PacBell DSL with Windows Me. A few days after I published the article, I was contacted by a Pacific Bell representative, who provided me with the official workaround steps they issued for Windows Me users.


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  Microsoft Security

Patch Available for WMP 7 "OCX Attachment" Vulnerability

Microsoft has released a patch that eliminates a security vulnerability in Microsoft® Windows Media Player (WMP) 7 but primarily affects e-mail applications. The net effect of the vulnerability is that it could enable a malicious user to create an e-mail that, when closed after being read, could cause the e-mail application to fail.

Affected Software Versions

  • Microsoft Windows Media Player 7

More information

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Added: Looking (Gasp, Spying!) Over Someone's Shoulder

Updated: TradeTrakker v 1.3 Beta released!


Added: Microsoft Windows 2000 Datacenter Server Available
Added: Patch Available for Windows Media Player 7"OCX Attachment" Vulnerability
Updated: TweakUI 2000
Added: Microsoft Releases Windows CE 3.0 Add-On Pack

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Updated: Windows Me and PacBell DSL

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