Windows-Help.NET Newsletter 26 Aug. 2000, Vol 3 No. 34
 Windows Millennium Edition Review

by Arie Slob

Dear Windows-Help.NET Subscriber,

Windows Me First off, you'll have to excuse me, but I am a little late with the new review of Windows Millennium Edition (Me) on our Web Site. I've been buried in work, and in addition, I've been trying to take a few hours leave here and there, this summer, as there have been no holidays in quite some time for this hard-working "dot-net" guy!

Ok... well, if you head over to the Windows Me section of the Windows-Help.NET Web site, you can check my review of Windows Me.

Although many publications are touting this upgrade as a "must-have", I have some serious reservations. I would urge you to be cautious, especially if you are upgrading an older system.

Microsoft's minimum recommendations for Me hardware are a Pentium 150 or better with at least 32MB of RAM (64MB if you want to use the new Windows Media Player 7 or Windows Movie Maker), but we all know that Microsoft's minimum requirements are always on the conservative side. I would personally recommend a minimum of a Pentium II - 300MHz with 128MB RAM.

If you are at all interested in this new release, you might enjoy joining our ongoing discussion of Windows Me on the Windows-Help.NET Support BBS

Windows Me Sweepstakes

Windows Millennium Edition SweepStakes Perhaps you may have had some trouble accessing the Windows Me Sweepstakes Web site in the past. I had first published news of this Sweepstakes in my Newsletter of July 29, 2000, but Microsoft has had a lot of problems with the Sweepstakes site being off-line for extended periods of time.

On August 23, I received this information in an email:

"Microsoft has had some technical difficulties with the WinMe Sweepstakes page and the link to may have been down in your area. We'd like to inform you that all technical errors have been corrected. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you or your customers and appreciate you patience with this matter. "

I have since tried the Sweepstakes site a few times, and haven't noticed any problems, so you might take a chance at winning one of the 50 special edition copies of the operating system being given away every day. Each copy will be autographed by Bill Gates himself. There is also a Grand Prize; the winner of that receives a VIP trip to visit the "Digital Home of the Future" at Microsoft and a digital camera to capture photos of their visit!

Windows Me Sweepstakes

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Speed up your PC with a Larger, Faster Hard Drive

A new faster, larger hard drive can be 20-30% faster than the hard drive you are using now.


ICANN Solves Domain Name Disputes?

Maybe it 'cann' if its established rules can be used in your favor.


Netscape 4.75

Netscape's browser has been updated with much needed security enhancements. This new version is no longer subject to the "Brown Orifice" security vulnerability.

You can download Communicator 4.75 from the Netscape FTP Site.

Questions or problems with Netscape's browser? Visit the Netscape Forum on our Support BBS!

Remove Favorites Folder from Start menu

Get instructions on how to Remove Favorites Folder from Start menu.


IRQ Steering

Windows 95 (OSR2) and 98 provide support for PCI bus IRQ steering. By using IRQ steering, Windows can dynamically assign PCI bus IRQs to PCI devices.


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  Microsoft Security

Patch Available for "Java VM Applet" Vulnerability

Microsoft has released a patch that eliminates a security vulnerability in the Microsoft® virtual machine (Microsoft VM). If a malicious web site operator were able to coax a user into visiting his site, the vulnerability could allow him to masquerade as the user, visit other sites using his identity, and relay the information back to his site.

Affected Software Versions Versions of the Microsoft VM are identified by build numbers, which can be determined using the JVIEW tool, as discussed in the FAQ. The following builds of the Microsoft VM are affected:

  • All builds in the 2000 series.
  • All builds in the 3100 series.

  • All builds in the 3200 series.
  • All builds in the 3300 series.

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Added: Speed up your PC with a Larger, Faster Hard Drive
Added: ICANN Solves Domain Name Disputes?


Added: Patch Available for "Java VM Applet" Vulnerability
Updated: Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles dealing with Internet Connection Sharing

Windows Me

Added: Windows Me Review

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