Windows-Help.NET Newsletter25 March 2000, Vol 3 No. 12
 Microsoft Releases Office 2000 Update

by Arie Slob

Dear Windows-Help.NET Subscriber,

This week, Microsoft announced immediate availability of the Microsoft® Office 2000 Service Release (SR-1).

Office 2000 SR-1 is a collection of updates driven by customer feedback. It also provides various product updates in one convenient installation. Office 2000 SR-1 is also Certified for Windows 2000. Office 2000 customers can download the SR-1 update from the Office Update Web site. The SR-1 update on CD can also be ordered via the Web at no charge. More information on Office 2000 SR-1 can also be found at the Microsoft Office Web site.

Microsoft recommends that all Office 2000 customers upgrade to Office 2000 SR-1 to receive the latest updates and optimal benefits, including:

  • Updates for the various Office 2000 programs, including Microsoft Word, Outlook®, Access, Excel, PowerPoint®, FrontPage®, and Publisher
  • Security updates, including the Excel 2000 SYLK file security updates and the Worm.Explore.Zip (Pack) Virus Alert
  • Office 2000 system-level components that are updated to Windows® 2000 system levels

More information on how to obtain and install Office 2000 SR-1 can be found in this Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q245025.

A full list of fixed problems in Office 2000 SR-1 can be found in this Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q245021

To get started right away, here's the set-up file [133KB]. The actual file size will depend on what you already have installed. The actual file size varies between 26-40MB; the actual download time @28.8 is between 2-3 hours.

If you need to apply this Service Release on a number of computers in your organization, Microsoft has developed detailed SR-1 documentation and evaluation materials that will help you determine your deployment strategy. For more information on SR-1, the best place for organizations to get started is on the Information for Organizations page at the Microsoft Office Web site.

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1GHz Chips Compared

Just what are the differences between AMD Athlon 1GHz and Intel Pentium III's 1GHz chipsets?


TweakUI 2000

OK, you like Beta software? This is a beta of Microsoft's Tweak UI.

It is said to have the "bugs" fixed from the release version of TweakUI (98), and has a number of other enhancements.


Netscape 6

Beta version expected within 20 days!
Netscape announced this week that their long awaited next version browser Netscape Gecko, will be available around the 14th of April for Beta Testing.

This new browser could be the beginning of the "Browser War version 2.0"!

Netscape Gecko is a cross-platform, cross-device browser, which will put Netscape back on the (browser) map.


100MB Storage

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  BBS Hot Topic

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*Computer Experts Expertise Needed Please*

"i would like to build a new computer from scratch, and will build this unit using all of your suggestions (even if you only submit your ideas on one(1) item, your suggestions would help me out a great deal!).."

"please help me spend my money! wisely of coarse.. & thanks to all who will make it happen!!"

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