Windows-Help.NET Newsletter 24 June 2000, Vol 3 No. 25
 Microsoft.NET - Next Generation Internet Platform

by Arie Slob

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Signaling a new era of personal empowerment and business opportunity for consumers, businesses and software developers, Microsoft Corp. this week unveiled the vision and road map for its next generation of software and services, the Microsoft® .NET platform. Capitalizing on the explosion of Internet-based computing and communications, Microsoft .NET will provide easier, more personalized and more productive Internet experiences by harnessing constellations of smart devices and Web sites with advanced software through Internet protocols and formats.

Microsoft .NET

This new family of Microsoft .NET products and technologies replaces the previous working title of Next Generation Windows Services (NGWS) and includes software for developers to build next-generation Internet experiences as well as power a new breed of smart Internet devices. Microsoft also announced plans for new products built on the .NET platform, including new generations of the Microsoft Windows® operating system, Windows DNA servers, Microsoft Office, the MSN™ network of Internet services and the Visual Studio® development system.

Statements (Video):

Bill Gates' Comments at Forum 2000: 56K - 28K
Steve Ballmer's Comments at Forum 2000: 56K - 28K


Microsoft Windows Me (Millennium Edition) Released To Manufacturing

Last Monday Microsoft announced that the development of the Microsoft® Windows® Millennium Edition (Windows Me) consumer operating system is complete and the product has been released to manufacturing. Windows Me is the latest version of the Microsoft operating system designed specifically for the home user. It improves the home computing experience by delivering enhancements in the areas of PC health, digital media, home networking and the online experience. Consumers will be able to purchase retail versions of Windows Me on Thursday, Sept. 14, 2000.

Windows Me Pricing and Availability

Windows Me will be available in retail boxes on Sept. 14, 2000. In addition, Windows Me will be available preinstalled on new PCs. The estimated retail price for Windows Me is the same as for Windows 98: $209 (U.S.) for the full-package product and $109 (U.S.) for a version upgrade. Parties interested in learning the estimated retail price in local currency for other countries should contact their local Microsoft subsidiary.

For more information on Windows Me, see our Preview of Millennium Beta 2.

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Cool Off Your Computer!

Improve your computer's performance and extend your components' life by 50% with proper cooling fans.


Being Stalked Online... What Can You Do?

Who is that CyberStalker and how should you proceed?


Gnomie Digital Camera Sample Shots

Thinking about a digital camera? But which one? At this Lockergnome page, you'll find a number of pictures submitted by users of a number of camera's.


Microsoft Announces Privacy Enhancements for Windows and Internet Explorer

Microsoft this week announced that its next version of Windows ("Whistler") will be the first operating system to include privacy-enabling technologies based on the P3P specification.



A handy utility that provides instant access to the most commonly used programs. It also cleans up System Tray clutter by creating a menu to place all your tray icons in.

Web site

Listing of Windows Installer Errors

These articles contain a listing of the error codes and their message text for the Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI). The MSI is used by Microsoft Office 2000.

Errors (1000-1999)
Errors (2000-2999)

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Added: Cool Off Your Computer!
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Added: Microsoft Unveils Vision for Next Generation Internet
Added: Microsoft Releases Service Pack 1 for Internet Explorer 5.01
Added: Microsoft Announces Privacy Enhancements for Windows and Internet Explorer

Windows 98

Updated: Problems Accessing Windows Update

Windows Me

Added: System Requirements for Windows Me
Added: Microsoft Windows Me (Millennium Edition) Released To Manufacturing

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