Windows-Help.NET Newsletter 18 Nov. 2000, Vol 3 No. 46
 Microsoft "Whistler" Preview

by Arie Slob

Dear Windows-Help.NET Subscriber,

Whistler "Whistler" is the code name of the next version of Microsoft Windows, currently in beta testing. Although Microsoft hasn't announced an official name, favorites in the press are "Windows 2002" and "Windows.NET 1.0".

Whistler is the first Microsoft OS to combine the Windows 9x code base with that of Windows NT. It will ship in several versions: Personal, Professional, Server, and Advanced Server, and there will also be 64-bit versions of Professional, Server, and Advanced Server for users with Intel Itanium (IA-64) machines.

As I promised you some time ago, I took a look at Beta 1, and you can read my review on our Windows-Help.NET Web site.

Netscape Releases Netscape 6

After a 32 month(!) development cycle, Netscape finally released Netscape 6 to the public. For an overview of the new browser see Introducing Netscape 6 on the Netscape Web site.


We have heard many negative reports about this browser, there doesn't seem to be many significant differences from the last Preview version, with several functions missing, or not working as expected.

Our staff writer Sandra Underhill will write a review about the new browser in the near future. In the meantime, I suggest that you check out this posting on our Support BBS.

You can download Netscape 6 from the Netscape Web site.

Microsoft Demonstrates Tablet PC Technology

Bill Gates, chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft Corp., unveiled a new direction in PC technology during his keynote address at COMDEX/Fall 2000, when he demonstrated a working prototype of a Tablet PC: a full-function Microsoft® Windows® operating system-based PC incorporating the convenient and intuitive aspects of pencil and paper into the PC experience.

The Tablet PC is a new computing device, optimized for mobility and designed to be convenient, light and ergonomic. The size of a pad of paper and only an inch thick, this fully functional personal computer combines the power of the PC with the convenience and simplicity of pen and paper.



When Your Anti-Virus Program Isn't Enough

A tale of two Trojans, overlooked by Norton's; could they be on your system, too?


Backup - Being Prepared For Any Catastrophe!

You know you should, so start backing up your data, easily done with Synchronix.


Spyware Bill Introduced in Congress

Lack of full disclosure by some software makers prompts legislative action.


Tired of the election mess?

OK, specially for my USA friends: Play with Gore & Bush

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New Subscription Offering for "Office 10"

Last week Microsoft announced a new subscription offering for "Office 10", which will provide customers with a new opportunity to subscribe to the office suite for an annual fee.


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Added: Backup - Being Prepared For Any Catastrophe!.
Added: Spyware Bill Introduced in Congress.


Added: Microsoft "Whistler" Preview.
Added: Microsoft Demonstrates Tablet PC Technology For Enterprise Computing Applications.
Added: Microsoft Announces New Subscription Offering for "Office 10".

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