Windows-Help.NET Newsletter14 Feb. 2000, Vol 3 No. 6
 Microsoft changes Windows "Road Map"

by Arie Slob

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Paul Thurrot reported at the end of January that Microsoft has apparently changed its mind about future Windows updates, and decided to combine the consumer & business version of Windows 2000. The (business) projects previously called "Neptune" (consumer) and "Odyssey" have been replaced by "Whistler".

You might also have heard some talk about Windows ME. This is currently known as Windows Millennium, and will probably released as Windows 98 Millennium Edition. It's basically Windows 98 with the Windows 2000 user interface and some other minor updates. It's not clear if there will be a retail version of this Windows update. There's some talk that this will be strictly an OEM release, to be included with new PCs only.

There is also word on the first Service Pack for Windows 2000, codenamed "Astroid". It's about ready, and will ship by June 2000. It will also be included in the slightly delayed Windows 2000 DataCenter edition.

According to an article on ZDNet Windows 2000 contains around 63,000 "defects", of which Microsoft estimate 28,000 to be "real" problems.

AMD 1.1GHz Athlon demo

AMD demonstrated a 1.1GHz(1100 MHz) version of the Athlon processor. The demonstration featured the newest version of the AMD Athlon processor that integrates high-performance on-die Level 2 (L2) cache. The device is manufactured utilizing AMD's leading-edge HiP6L 0.18 micron process technology featuring copper interconnects. The demonstration required no special cooling techniques and was shown in conjunction with a presentation at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC).

"The demonstration of a 1.1GHz AMD Athlon processor manufactured in AMD's Dresden facility shows we are executing on our process technology and Dresden production roadmaps," said Larry Hollatz, group vice president of Computation Products at AMD. "We continue to aggressively advance the technologies that enable future AMD processors to deliver superior performance levels."

While AMD holds the faster-gigahertz demo speed crown for now, Intel has been saving up a demo of its own 1GHz-plus chip, code-named Willamette, for its Intel Developer Forum next week.

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Top Issues for Windows 2000

Microsoft's TechNet online support site contains some links to the top support issues for Windows 2000, including Setup, Directory Services, Performance and Networking.


Via to debut low-cost processor

Via Technologies will introduce a new low-priced processor, known by the code name Joshua, at a Feb. 22 news conference.

Joshua marks VIA's first entry into the processor market since it acquired Cyrix Corp. from National Semiconductor Corp. and Centaur from IDT last year.

According to sources, Joshua will be introduced at 433MHz and 466MHz initially, with 500MHz and 566MHz versions scheduled for release in the second half of this year.


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