Windows-Help.NET Newsletter 11 Nov. 2000, Vol 3 No. 45
 Microsoft Releases DirectX 8.0

by Arie Slob

Dear Windows-Help.NET Subscriber,

Comdex Microsoft this week announced the release of the final version of Microsoft® DirectX® 8.0. Through DirectX 8.0, developers can bring cutting-edge multimedia applications to market. New features include near photo-realistic graphics, scalability for multiplayer games and improved audio experiences.

With DirectX 8.0, Microsoft offers many new features and feature improvements for multimedia application developers:

  • Consolidated interfaces for DirectDraw® and Direct3D® simplify application development and improve performance.
  • Improved graphics authoring tool integration eases development of optimal 3-D characters and environments.
  • Vertex shaders and pixel shaders improve image realism.
  • Consolidated DirectSound® and DirectMusic® interfaces simplify application development.
  • DLS2 audio synthesis support improves instrument realism.
  • DirectInput® device mapping provides simplified device support.
  • DirectPlay® performance and scalability for massively multiplayer games has been improved.
  • DirectPlay IP voice communication support is provided.
  • DirectShow® Editing Services APIs provide real-time compositing and editing of audio/video timelines.
  • DirectShow supports reading and writing Windows Media™ Audio and Video (WMA and WMV).
  • Microsoft TV Technologies support digital television.

Ted Hase, director of Windows Third-Party Gaming at Microsoft said about the latest DirectX: "The release of DirectX 8.0 proves to be a major milestone for developers for Windows. This latest round of enhancements to DirectX will allow developers to realize their vision in new and very exciting ways. Developers can achieve higher levels of detail in both graphics and sound performance. This means that with the next generation of content, consumers can expect richer gameplay, more immersive in-game experiences and more creative multiplayer environments."

The latest version of DirectX is available for free download from the DirectX Home page.


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