Windows-Help.NET Newsletter 08 July 2000, Vol 3 No. 27
 New V.92 Analog Modem Standard

by Arie Slob

Dear Windows-Help.NET Subscriber,

If you are using an analog modem to connect to the Internet, there's some good news. On July 4, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) agreed to three useful new standards above and beyond the current V.90 modem specification.

Building on the success of the now ubiquitous V.90 Recommendation for modems at data rates up to 56kbit/s, important enhancements have now been agreed in new Recommendation ITU-T V.92. The enhancements are:

  • An increase of more than 40% in the maximum data rate towards the network (Upstream) to a new maximum of 48 kbit/s on the best connections (above the former 33.6 kbit/s upload maximum - download speed remains at 56 kbit/s max)
  • Significantly quicker start-up times on recognized connections
  • The ability to put the modem 'on-hold' when the network indicates that an incoming call is waiting

These enhancements will give significant benefits to the modem user with improved access to interactive services, and the option of exploiting voice response facilities associated with Internet browsing.

Modems supporting the new technologies will be available sometime in Q4 2000.

So should you run out and upgrade to the new V.92 modems when they are available? I would only suggest you to upgrade if you do a lot of uploading from your current modem and you have a very clear phone line. Remember, if you are just browsing the Web, you are downloading a lot, but uploading just a little, and it is those upload speeds that are enhanced most. New modems will be a useful update if you buy a new PC, and will slowly take over as the current standard model of modems. If you plan on buying a new PC later this year, and you want a modem, just make sure you get the latest standard.


Microsoft Releases Service Pack 1 for Internet Explorer 5.01

Microsoft has quietly released Internet Explorer 5.01 Service Pack 1 (SP1) to the Web. Internet Explorer 5.01 SP1 provides the latest updates and security fixes to the Internet Explorer technology. Internet Explorer 5.01 SP1 can be installed as an upgrade to existing versions of Internet Explorer, or on computers with no previous Internet Explorer installation.

If you are running Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT® 4.0, installing Internet Explorer 5.01 SP1 will upgrade your computer to 128-bit encryption. If you are running Windows 2000, installing Internet Explorer 5.01 SP1 will not change the current level of encryption on your computer.

To download Internet Explorer 5.01 SP1, or order the CD-ROM, visit the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web site.

WARNING! IE 5.01 SP1 breaks Office 2000 Help!

Internet Explorer 5.5

We all know that Internet Explorer 5.5 is ready, but Microsoft hasn't released it to the Web yet. Latest rumor I have heard (from a MS insider) is July 12, but those who know Microsoft know how much value we should give to those rumors. We just have to wait and see.

The Internet Explorer 5.5 Readme file is on-line however: IE 5.5 readme

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Virtual Channel Memory SDRAM, Check it Out!

Would the promise of increased stability from extra physical memory always at hand grab your attention?


Windows Services for NetWare Version 5.0 Available

Microsoft announced the release of a complete set of interoperability tools and services that will make it easier for customers to integrate the Windows 2000 operating system into existing NetWare-based environments.


Power Surge Protection

Power surges and blackouts... data damage/loss and fried hardware... what you can do about it.


BeOS, Another Option To Consider

BeOS strives to garner the public's attention and to become your OS of choice on the Internet.


World's Favorite Mouse Becomes Even Mightier

Less than a year after introducing the world's best-selling optical mouse, Microsoft continues to up the ante, today unveiling the second generation of the award-winning Microsoft® IntelliEye™ optical technology.



The ideal way to manage your bookmarks / favorites to cope with with the ever expanding number of sites on the Internet.

Web site

How to Enable ACPI Support in Windows 98

ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) is an open industry specification co-developed by Compaq, Intel, Microsoft, Phoenix, and Toshiba.

To enable ACPI in Windows 98, follow these steps:


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