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Windows-Help.NET Newsletter27 Nov. 1999, Vol 2 No. 47

 InfiniSource Opens Freebate Center

by Arie Slob

Dear Windows-Help.NET Subscriber,

InfiniSource, the parent of Windows-Help.NET has just opened a brand new section of their popular software store called the InfiniSource Freebate Center. Here you can get top-notch software for free - after rebate.

Unfortunately for our international readers, these rebates are only valid in the USA, unless of course, you have buddy in the US :-)

Visit the InfiniSource Freebate Center to check out some cool software at a price you cannot refuse. Free. Some of the current deals include:

  • VirusScan Classic 4.03 (Normal price $19.99)
  • Intelliquis Software Speed 2000 (Normal price $22.98)
  • Y2KPC Pro Gold (Normal price $39.98)
  • WebPlanet - Tools 2000 (Normal price $69.98)
  • MP3 Blaster32 2000 (Normal price $19.98)

And many more....

Nasty Melissa variant (Prilissa) to format hard drives on Christmas

This new virus infects Word 97 documents. It also spreads by sending an infected document as an attachment to an e-mail message. This is another variant of the W97M/Melissa virus.

When an infected document is opened, the virus disables virus protection security settings, conversion confirmation and recently opened file list. The first time the virus is executed on a system, it sends e-mail using MS Outlook to the first 50 addresses in each of the address lists. The message contains Message From {username} in the subject line where {username} is the user name on the system. The body of the message contains This document is very Important and you've GOT to read this !!!. The infected document is sent as an attachment to the message. The virus modifies the Windows registry so that it does not send e-mail upon subsequent execution of the virus.


FunLove virus shuts down Dell factory

AntiVirus vendors are updating their signature files to include protection against a new computer virus known as Win32.Funlove. According to media reports, this virus caused a shutdown and recall of 12,000 PCs at PC manufacturer Dell's factory in Ireland.

The FunLove virus is a new virus, infecting Windows 95, 98 and NT machines. It has spread across the globe within two weeks of initial discovery, and infections have been reported to Data Fellows from USA, Europe and Asia.


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Hidden Executable Commands

Hidden executables found in renamed file extensions can provide unpleasant surprises.


Securing Your PC Against Physical Theft

How to physically deter computer theft and attempt to recover your PC.


What's New in Internet Explorer 5.01

What are the new features in Internet Explorer 5.01 and Outlook Express 5.01?


Links LS 2000 Trial Version

Links LS 2000 is the newest edition of the all-time best-selling golf simulation game. More than 17 years of passion and precision have evolved into Links LS 2000. The realism of the ball's flight and its interaction with the meticulously rendered terrain separates Links LS 2000 from all other PC golf games.

Download [42MB]
Web site

Restoring your system after a complete hard drive failure

Have you ever thought about what you would do in the event of a complete hard-drive failure? Fortunately, if you use the Backup utility in Windows 98 to back up your hard drive on a regular basis, and you have a working Windows 98 Startup Disk, you can easily restore your hard drive using the System Recovery Utility.


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"Using the Win98 system configuration utility, I've noticed that there are two identical version of a power profile scheme running on my desktop. I can check the box to bypass one, but if I check both boxes and reboot, a brand new session is set up. Can you tell me why two sessions are set up by default (this has happened on three separate machines!), also, just what is this power profile scheme doing anyway?"

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