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Windows-Help.NET Newsletter27 Feb. 1999, Vol 2 No. 9

 Microsoft "updates" the Windows 98 Update

by Arie Slob

Dear Windows-Help.NET Subscriber,

Microsoft gave in to numerous complaints from advanced & corporate users and finally made the Windows 98 updates available "the old way".

According to Microsoft: "If you are a corporate IT Manager and would like to download Windows 98 Updates for installation at a later time or on a different machine, use the Windows 98 Updates for Corporate IT Managers site. This site is designed for Advanced Users who are familiar with the Windows Registry and know how to roll back to previous versions of software."

So if you have had trouble using the Windows Update site in the past, or want to save the downloads for later use, just head over to the new download site.

The "default" Windows Update site, which is accessed from the Windows Update shortcut on your Start menu will, of course, continue to function, and still offers the best solution for novice users.

In other Microsoft related news, the Washington Post (article removed by the WP) has an interesting article about discussions apparently underway between the U.S. Govt. and 19 States, and about the possible sanctions against Microsoft, in the event the government wins its groundbreaking antitrust case against the software giant.

Mary Jo Foley, a journalist who has been covering Microsoft for the past four years, wrote a very interesting article about the internal problems Microsoft is currently facing.

In the past week AMD started shipping their K6-III processor. Initially available in a 400MHz version, a 450MHz version should be available soon. The K6-III sports 256KB of secondary cache on the chip (running at full clock speed), uses AMD's 3DNow CPU instructions (which seems to be increasingly popular with game developers) and also has a 100MHz bus to an (optional) Level 3 cache on the motherboard.

This processor is not going to beat the Pentium III on performance. For a shot at that, we'll have to wait for the K7, whose biggest advantage seems to be that it will have a 200MHz bus (when used with the accompanying chip set). The K7 is rumoured to debut at a speed of 500MHz or higher.

But there are problems. For one, AMD has problems meeting chip demand. Unlike rival Intel, which operates half a dozen chip factories, AMD has only one plant. AMD has also stated that it expects to post an operating loss in the first quarter, as it has been hurt by Intel's aggressive price cutting in the low end of the processor market.

Fix Available for Windows NT "KnownDLLs List" Vulnerability

Microsoft has learned of a vulnerability in the Microsoft® Windows NT® operating system that could allow a user to gain administrative privileges on the computer the user is interactively logged onto. This vulnerability is primarily a concern for workstations and other systems that allow non-administrative users to interactively log on.

More information and a work around can be found in Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q218473

Patch Available for Taskpads Scripting Vulnerability

Microsoft has released a patch that eliminates a vulnerability in the Taskpads feature, which is provided as part of the Microsoft® Windows® 98 Resource Kit, Windows 98 Resource Kit Sampler, and BackOffice® Resource Kit, second edition. The vulnerability could allow a malicious web site operator to run executables on the computer of a visiting user. Only customers who have installed one of the affected products and who surf the web using the machine on which it is installed are at risk from this vulnerability.

More information and the patch can be found in Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q218619


IRQ 99a Beta!
ICQ, Inc. announced the official release of ICQ 99a Beta v.2.13 Build #1700. There is a whole list of cool new features, if you're a regular ICQ user this one is a must! Download your copy from Tucows [3.94MB]

Internet Explorer 5 close to release!
Microsoft not only pulled the Internet Explorer 5 beta from it's Web site, but it made also available a program to pre-order your copy of Internet Explorer 5 (on CD). So if you are living in the U.S. or Canada, you can order your copy (US $6.95 shipping). According to Microsoft delivery will take 8-10 weeks. The browser should be available for download on the 18th of March.

IBM to sell Linux-based systems
IBM last week announced that it would begin selling Linux based computer systems, teaming up with Linux distributor Red Hat. IBM will offer Linux on its Netfinity servers, IntelliStations, and at a later stage also on it's ThinkPads.

Microsoft's secret OS plan
Under this heading PC Magazines John C. Dvorak writes an interesting article about a supposedly new operating system under development at Microsoft - called Neptune. We'll have to watch and see how much of this is true, but to get a start, you can read the article.

Windows 95 & 98 Tip
Removing Programs listed in the Control Panel's "Add/Remove Programs" Section
If you remove an installed program and its files by deleting the files, it will still be listed in the Add/Remove Programs section in Control Panel. To remove it from the list:

More (Win95)
More (Win98)

Windows 98 Tip
Using System File Checker
You can use the System File Checker to verify the integrity of your operating system files, and to restore them if they are corrupted. The System File Checker also gives you a convenient way to extract compressed files (such as drivers) from your installation disks.


It may be bad manners to talk with your mouth full, but it isn't too good either if you speak when your head is empty.

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  New InfiniSource & Windows-Help.NET Web site to launch soon!

Yes, it's getting close! We are excited about the coming launch of our new Web site! It has taken a lot of effort to create the best possible resource for you, and a lot of time has been invested in the design and implementation of the new site. We hope you'll like the result. Due to the fact that we are going to combine the two domain names ( and Windows-Help.NET) on one server, we will be dependent on the processing time at the InterNIC, so we can't give you an exact launch date. We're trying to iron out the final remaining "Issues" (to use a popular Microsoft term), and hope to launch the new site in the coming week. Stay tuned....

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