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Windows-Help.NET Newsletter25 Sep. 1999, Vol 2 No. 38

 Experts Say Y2K Viruses & Hoaxes to Increase

by Arie Slob

Dear Windows-Help.NET Subscriber,

Computer security experts are warning that as the January 1 2000 date approaches, we will see an increase in the number of Y2K (Year 2000) related viruses and hoaxes.

There are Y2K viruses who use the 1 January 2000 date as a trigger for their malicious payloads, programs that gain entry to your system posing as Year 200 solutions (Trojan Horses), and Y2K related hoaxes.

Last week we were notified by Microsoft of a Trojan Horse, send in an e-mail purporting to be a free Microsoft Year 2000 countdown clock.

Here is the text resembling the e-mail:

From: support@microsoft.com
Subject: Microsoft Announcement
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 23:37:05 +0200

To All Microsoft Users,

We are excited to announce the Microsoft Year 2000 Counter.

  • Start the countdown NOW.

  • Let us all get in the 21 Century.

  • Let us lead the way to the future and we will get YOU there FASTER and SAFER.

Thank you,

Microsoft Corporation

Attached is a file with such names as Y2KCOUNT.EXE, Count2K.exe, or other names.

If launched, the virus program replaces the Wsock32.dll file on the user's local system, with a Trojan version that gives the user the unknown ability to send fake messages. The Wsock32.dll file is essential for Net connection. The Trojan also steals user identifications and passwords.

Optimizing Microsoft Word 2000

This Microsoft Knowledge Base Article offers some detailed advice on the following toppics:

  • Use Disk Defragmenter to Speed Up Your Hard Disk
  • Optimize Virtual Memory Use
  • Set Your Computer to Use Fewer Fonts
  • Consider Setting Your Display Monitor to Use Only 256 Colors
  • Work with Word and Files on Uncompressed Drives
  • Work with Files on a Local Hard Disk Drive
  • Turn Off "Use Printer Metrics to Lay Out Document" to Improve
        Scrolling Speed
  • Don't Use Wallpaper on a Low-Memory Computer
  • Use Background Saves
  • Turn Off Background Spelling and Grammar Checking
  • Use Word 97-2000 Converter Instead of Saving to Word for
        Windows 95 or Word 6.0 for Windows
  • Change the View in Word and View Settings
  • Adjust Your System to Speed Up Printing
  • Turn Off Outlook Journaling
  • Change the Windows Desktop Themes
  • Turn Off the Mouse Scheme
  • Increase BitMapMemory
  • Increase Cache Size
  • Speed Up Downloading Web Pages by Not Generating Graphics

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  •   Highlights  

    What's new in Windows 2000 RC2?
    Microsoft has posted a detailed explanation of new additions to Windows 2000 RC2 (Release Candidate 2) on their Windows 2000 Beta Web site. The site overviews everything from security to multimedia changes. In addition, Microsoft has updated the Windows 2000 Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) for RC2. Microsoft has begun accepting orders for the new release.

    IomegaWare™ 2.0 Preview

    IomegaWare 2.0 has arrived as a single application that allows Windows® users quick and convenient access to Iomega® Zip® drives, all available Iomega software, online help, and links to promotions and updates on Iomega.com. Download IomegaWare 2.0 and maximize your Zip drive by having your information and applications right at your fingertips. It's all new and optimized for you.

    Note: Use IomegaWare 2.0 with: parallel port and SCSI Zip 100 and Zip 250 drives

    Download [11.2MB]
    Web site

    Windows 98 Tip
    Problems running ScanDisk and Defrag

    Many people have problems running ScanDisk and/or Defrag, with the program running 10% or 30% and then stalling. Often with a message that Windows is trying to write to the drive. Here's how to run ScanDisk/Defrag successfully:


    An amazing utility, designed to help you implement the MaxMTU Fix and other speed tweaks effortlessly and easily.

    Internet Connection Sharing

    With ICS you can share a single Internet Connection across your (home) network, making it easier to connect to the Internet from your Networked computers. Microsoft's ICS comes with no useful documentation, that's why we have made an attempt here to show you how to install & troubleshoot it.


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      TweakDUN chosen as The Microsoft & WUGNET Best Choice Shareware
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    If you haven't yet tried these two utilities, you might want to do so. They are some of the top shareware programs available on the Internet.

    You can download [440KB] the shareware version of TweakDUN from Tucows.

      Microsoft Security

    Internet Explorer 5 "Spoofed Route Pointer" Vulnerability

    Microsoft has released a patch that eliminates a vulnerability in Microsoft® Windows® 95, 98 and Windows NT® 4.0 that could allow source routing to be performed, even if it has ostensibly been disabled. The patch also includes added functionality to provide additional control over source routing.

    Affected Software Versions

    • Microsoft Windows 95
    • Microsoft Windows 98
    • Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
    • Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0
    • Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0
    • Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, Enterprise Edition
    • Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition

    More information

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    No CD in Safe Mode (Windows 98)

    "It was suggested to install a Windows program in Win98 by starting in safe mode. Alas, I have no CD when running in safe mode..

    Acer IDE connected CD installed and I can even get it to run on a floppy boot from a:.

    Any ideas as to why W98 does not see it.. "

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    Added: Microsoft Security: Patch Available for "Spoofed Route Pointer" Vulnerability
    Updated: Shareware links listing
    Added: The Lighter Side: Go to DOS and type F-D-I-S-K

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