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Windows-Help.NET Newsletter24 Dec. 1999, Vol 2 No. 51

 Christmas '99 Edition

by Arie Slob

Dear Windows-Help.NET Subscriber,

I know that not all of you "celebrate" Christmas, but most do, so from here I want to wish you happy Holidays and all the best for 2000 from the gang at InfiniSource! (and try to spend some time with the family instead of your PC!)

For a special holiday greeting card from all of us at, please visit our Web site.

This Newsletter will not be published next week - as even I am going to try and spend some time with my family - the next issue should be out on January 8th, 2000.

In this issue I'll re-publish some of the best/most popular articles & downloads from the past year, so if you missed it, here's your chance!

The Microsoft Year 2000 Product Analyzer

If you didn't do so already, maybe you have some time during the last days of the year to check on your Microsoft applications

The Microsoft Year 2000 Product Analyzer scans a computer's hard drive, looking for core Microsoft software and generates a report with year 2000-information.

The Microsoft Year 2000 Product Analyzer performs the following tasks:

  • Identifies installed software products on specified drives by scanning the drives for executable files
  • Compares the resulting list of products to the products listed in a compliance database
  • Generates a report of the compliance levels of the products it discovered, based on the information in the compliance database

Popular Articles

Our most popular article this year was the recent announcement of the availability of Internet Explorer 5.01. Internet Explorer is becoming the browser of choice for most people. From our Web sites log files it transpires that over 70% of our visitors are using a Microsoft browser. From those using Internet Explorer, 79% uses IE 5.x, 19% uses IE 4.x.

Another popular article was published in November: Hidden Executable Commands, a new trend with worms and viruses.

Third on the list is an older article, first published in April, dealing with the notorious CIH Virus. Of note is that this virus is still making it's way around the Internet.

Web sites

The most popular Web site we brought to your attention was the Gibson Research's ShieldsUP! Web site, where you can test your system for security from your browser.

The second most popular Web site was a page on Microsoft's Product Insider, dealing with Restoring your system after a complete hard drive failure.

Third on this list is -- There is nothing better than Free-Stuff, and is where the Internet goes for Free Stuff and Trial Offers.

Free* Software from our Freebate Center!

Family Tree Maker Deluxe 10 CD v.5

Physical Shipment
Normal price: $39.99
Our Price: $0.00

Family Tree Maker Deluxe 10 CD v.5

More people trust their family history to Family Tree Maker than to any other commercially available genealogy program!

* Free after Rebate - USA only


Digital Cameras priced under $100

Instant digital photographs, without the expense of film or developing, at some very affordable prices!


Most popular downloads

Here are this Newsletters most popular downloads from the past year:

And don't forget: If you want some other programs to evaluate in those "dark days", we have a number of titles available from our Rose City Software division.

Most popular Windows Tips

These were the most popular Windows tips we shared with you in the past year:

You can find a complete overview of all tips on Windows 95 & Windows 98 from these pages.

"I thought I'd tip you off to a piece of software that turns your RealAudio player into a real sound system. I'm sitting here clicking the on/off button to hear the difference between the signal and the iQ enhanced version and the difference is not like night and day -- it's like night and several days."

-- R. Curtis, USA

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Added: Digital Cameras Priced Under $100


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Updated: Problems Accessing Windows Update

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