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Windows-Help.NET Newsletter24 Apr. 1999, Vol 2 No. 17

 More Windows 98 Y2K Updates to come

by Arie Slob

Dear Windows-Help.NET Subscriber,

Microsoft this week announced that it has identified some additional year 2000 issues in their on-going tests.

Identified Issues:

  • OLE Automation: The Microsoft Automation library contains routines for interpreting two digit years and provides a convenient way for applications to create unambiguous (serial) dates. In Windows 98 the current two digit year cut-off is 2029. This means that two digit years beginning with 30 will be interpreted as being in the 20th century, i.e. 1/1/30 is converted to 1/1/1930, irrespective of the user's century window settings in Control Panel > Regional Settings > Date tab
  • DOS Xcopy: For systems using the International date format "yy-mm-dd" 2-digit years are not handled correctly. When a system is configured to use the date format "yy-mm-dd" in Control Panel > Regional Settings, xcopy will not accept 00 for the year 2000
  • INTL.CPL: For International versions of Windows 98 where a user can choose between localised and non-localised Gregorian system calendars (in Control Panel > Regional Settings), the century window can be configured individually for each Gregorian calendar. An error occurs when applications that use Visual Basic, such as Access, convert a date that utilises the century window settings for the default calendar, while a user would expect instead that the currently selected calendar and settings would be used. This does not affect English versions of Windows 98.

According to Microsoft, a software update that addresses these issues will be released late Spring 1999. We will keep you informed when these updates become available.

Earlier this month, Microsoft also released the Windows Continuous-Operation Fix. This update corrects a timing problem in the Windows 95 & 98 operating system. After 49.7 days of continuous operation, your computer may stop responding and require rebooting. For more information see the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article No. Q216641. Windows 98 users can download/install the fix from the Windows Update Web site.

This week's announcement that Eckhard Pfeiffer resigned as CEO of the world largest PC maker, sent shockwaves throughout the industry. Turn to this article on CNET's for complete coverage of events that led to his ousting by Compaq chairman Ben Rosen.

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Tweaking Toolbox for Windows
New version 1.20 released.
Designed to make changes to the Windows registry, Tweaking Toolbox for Windows allows you to customise and/or change the Desktop, Start menu and several other settings to optimise Windows without having to edit the registry. Check out this latest version which added more features.

Windows 95 / 98
Shareware $14.95
Download [248KB] | Web site

War on Spam Escalates
Online Spam reporting with SpamCop gives junk email recipients a way to fight back.
Spam has definitely become a four-letter word on the Internet. Unwanted junk email wasting your time and bandwidth, is something most Internet users despise.


CIH Virus May Hit On Monday 26 April
Several anti-virus firms including Network Associates Inc. and Data Fellows have warned that the CIH 1.2 virus, will activate Monday, April 26.

The virus, called CIH 1.2, only replicates and activates under Windows 95 and 98. The virus can overwrite the hard disk and the flash BIOS of an infected computer when it activates on 26th April -- causing complete loss of data, and possibly rendering the computer unusable.

More Info & free detection tool

Windows 98 Tip:
Problems running ScanDisk and Defrag
Many people have problems running ScanDisk and/or Defrag, with the program running 10% or 30% and then stalling. Often with a message that Windows is trying to write to the drive. Check this document for information on how to run ScanDisk/Defrag successfully.

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  Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 4 and 5 Security Patches

Patch for "DHTML Edit" Vulnerability

Microsoft has released a patch that eliminates a vulnerability in an ActiveX control that is distributed in Internet Explorer 5 and downloadable for Internet Explorer 4.0. The vulnerability could allow a malicious web site operator to read information that a user had loaded into the control, and it also could allow files with known names to be copied from the user's local hard drive.

More information...

MSHTML Update Available for Internet Explorer

Microsoft has released an updated version of a component of Internet Explorer 4.0 and 5. The updated version eliminates three security vulnerabilities described in this document.

MSHTML.DLL is the parsing engine for HTML in Internet Explorer. The vulnerabilities that are eliminated by the update are not related to each other except for the fact that all reside within the parsing engine.

More information...

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