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Windows-Help.NET Newsletter15 May 1999, Vol 2 No. 20

 USA Networks - Lycos merger falls through

by Arie Slob

Dear Windows-Help.NET Subscriber,

The merger between USA Networks & Lycos - signed in early February - has ended, primarily because Lycos shareholders didn't get behind the deal. From the moment the merger was announced in February, Lycos stock took a real beating and lost about 1/3rd of its value. Many shareholders complained that USA Networks was offering too small a premium per share, compared to what other Internet companies were receiving at the time.

When news of the failed merger was announced, the value of Lycos stock climbed over 10 percent in midday trading.

It is highly likely that Lycos will find another partner, although probably not before mid July, since Lycos would have to pay $35 million to USA Networks/Ticketmaster-Online, as part of the termination agreement. Lycos Chief Executive Officer Robert Davis said, "There are far more companies that are unaligned that are major media players than there are aligned... Time Warner, Viacom, Bertelsmann, CBS, Fox, and on and on. It is the minority that are aligned." That certainly leaves the door open to speculation about a suitable partner for Lycos.

IBM announced two new high-performance, extremely reliable 10,000 RPM hard drive models, the 36-gigabyte (GB) Ultrastar 36ZX, and the Ultrastar18LZX, available in 18 and 9 GB capacities.

Ultrastar 18LZX has the fastest seek time (4.9 msec) of any hard drive. "With these new Ultrastar drives, IBM has once again mastered the art of high performance while improving reliability with several new features and technologies," said M.S. Bhat, IBM Server Hard Drive business line manager.

Both drives are designed for use with applications that use crisp and clear audio, high-definition and life-like video, colourful graphics and animation, and enormous databases. These drives are ideal for supporting large Intranets and Internet applications, as well as digital video editing, CAD/CAM, on-line banking and credit card transaction processing, digital documentation and document imaging, and data mining.

The Ultrastar 36ZX and 18LZX are in qualification now by several computer makers and will ship in volume next month. The 36GB drive lists for $1,950, while the 18GB drive lists for $1,325. The smaller 9GB drive is priced at $775 (list).

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Creative Labs Live!Ware 2.0 Released
Creative Labs released the Live!Ware 2.0 software for their Sound Blaster Live! audio cards. By reprogramming the EMU10K1 audio processor of Sound Blaster Live!, Creative brings you a whole new suite of applications known as Live!Ware 2.0.

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  Microsoft Security

Solution Available for File Viewers Vulnerability

Microsoft has identified a vulnerability that occurs in some file viewers that ship as part of Microsoft® Internet Information Server and Site Server. The vulnerability could allow a web site visitor to view, but not to change, files on the server, provided that they knew or guessed the name of each file and had access rights to it based on Windows NT ACLs

Affected Software Versions:

  • Microsoft Site Server 3.0, which is included with Microsoft Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition, Microsoft Commercial Internet System 2.0, and Microsoft BackOffice Server 4.0 and 4.5
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0

More information and a workaround can be found in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q231368.

Patch Available for Excel 97 Virus Warning Vulnerabilities

Microsoft has released a patch that eliminates vulnerabilities in the Excel 97 virus warning mechanism that warns the user before launching an external file that could potentially contain a virus or other malicious software. This feature allows the user to weigh the risk of opening the file, based on its origin, the network it is located on and the security practices in operation there, the sensitivity of the data on the user's computer, and other factors.

However, certain scenarios have been identified that could be misused to bypass the warning mechanism. In general, they require the use of infrequently-combined features and commands, and are unlikely to be encountered in normal use. This patch addresses these issues so that they cannot be taken advantage of by a malicious user.

More information can be found in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q231304.

The Excel Security Patch is available at the Microsoft Office Update Web site.

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