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Windows-Help.NET Newsletter09 Oct. 1999, Vol 2 No. 40

 Intel vs. AMD: The Megahertz Battle

by Arie Slob

Dear Windows-Help.NET Subscriber,

The Megahertz battle between Intel and AMD may be reaching new heights this coming week. On Monday AMD is expected to announce that its latest Athlon processor, running at 700MHz, is shipping in IBM Aptiva and Compaq Presario systems.

With the introduction of the new Athlon, AMD cut prices on its existing Athlons by 16 to 32 percent. The 700MHz Athlon will cost $849.

Meanwhile, Intel is expected to make an announcement about Coppermine - a code name for a Pentium III design using it's P858 manufacturing process, which features increased performance and lower power consumption. The new Pentium III processors should be announced at the end of the month. Coppermine will contain 256KB of integrated secondary cache on the same silicon as the processor. Current Pentium IIIs come with 512KB of cache, but the cache is on separate chips. The integration of the cache is touted to boost performance. Intel claims that its own benchmarks show that Coppermine outperforms standard Pentium IIIs in 3D tests by 13 to 23 percent.

AMD also announced details of its new 64-bit chip, to compete with Intel's Itanium (formerly Merced) processor. The big difference between the two is that the new AMD chip is an extension of the x86 architecture. This could have some appeal with conservative business buyers who are wary of the risks of jumping into new designs. Intel designed its 64-bit chip from the ground up with a new (IA-64) instruction set.

Intel delays 820 chip set

Two weeks ago Intel was set to launch the 820 chip set, but instead it has apparently delayed the launch indefinitely. The 820 chip set is the replacement for the 440BX chip set used with Pentium II and Pentium III processors. Intel claims the 820 will eliminate or reduce many PC system performance bottlenecks, such as memory and graphics performance, while increasing overall system performance. The 820 will step up performance by adding a 133MHz bus, 4X accelerated graphics port (AGP), along with support for Rambus Direct RAM and the ATA66 disk drive interface. ATA66 is a newer disk drive interface that will transfer up to 66MB of data per second.

Intel reportedly experienced memory errors when testing the chip set, and has decided to delay the introduction while it works to identify the causes of the errors.

The High Price of Memory

You may have noticed some sharp dramatic price increases, especially in memory modules. A stick of 128MB OEM memory was advertised and sold for as little as $86 in July 1999. Today's advertised price for the same 128MB of memory is $239.

You can expect the price for all imported computer products to escalate sharply. Business owners are obviously hoping to profit greatly when selling their existing stock on hand. Price gouging is reportedly running at close to 300%. Prices are expected to peak in about a month. In her article on computer memory, InfiniSource associate editor Sandra Underhill predicts a slow decrease in prices to somewhere near normal levels after about two months.


JamC@m 2.0 JamC@m 2.0
NEW! The Hottest New Digital Camera! Unbeatable Resolution! Unbeatable Fun! Just $89.99


AOL Quietly Releases New Version 5.0

AOL (America Online) widely promoted their new version over a vast variety of mediums when it released that v4.0, but hardly a word about the brand new 5.0 has been said.


New Scanning Technology Available From Symantec

Symantec's new Striker32 technology deals with the difficulty of detecting Windows viruses that are capable of hiding anywhere in a particular program. Links throughout a program are followed and analyzed by the Striker32 technology to aid in the detection of a virus within a program itself.


Windows 98 Tip
Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Problems

There are many users who are reporting problems with Windows 98 SE's shutdown routine. For some the routine just doesn't work, for others a shutdown results in a reboot.


Windows Tip:
Remove the "Log Off user" from the Start menu

Follow these instructions to remove the "Log Off user" from your Start menu:

Windows 95
Windows 98

RealJukebox Final

Real Networks has some out with the final release version of their free RealJukebox software. RealJukebox lets you play all MP3s and other digital music. It supports most popular music formats including Real Audio, MP3, WAV, AT&T Corp.'s a2B and Liquid Audio.

Download RealJukebox Final - For current users of RealPlayer G2

Download RealJukebox Final with RealPlayer G2 [6.08MB]

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