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Windows-Help.NET Newsletter05 Jun. 1999, Vol 2 No. 23

 Microsoft Launches Consumer Y2K Web site

by Arie Slob

Dear Windows-Help.NET Subscriber,

To help people assess and prepare their home PCs for the Year 2000, Microsoft recently launched a new Y2K Web site specifically aimed at consumers. The Web site is intended to provide home-PC users with the simple information they need to assess the Year 2000 readiness of their home PCs.

A March Gallup telephone survey of 1,021 adults found that 28 percent of Americans plan to prepare for the Y2K issue by stockpiling household supplies such as food and water, and 20 percent plan to have more cash on hand or to closely monitor their financial records. By comparison, only 4 percent plan to update their home computers.

Mark Light, Year 2000 Product Manager at Microsoft said "Most consumers are aware of the issue, but they have not really awakened to what they need to do to update their personal computers."

The consumer Web site will be translated into nearly 30 languages. It will include an easy-to-understand product guide that describes how most Microsoft software applications handle dates, as well as information regarding what action, if any, consumers need to take to prepare their applications for the Year 2000. The Web site also allows users to download the "Microsoft Year 2000 Product Analyzer", which automatically scans a user's hard drive and determines what Microsoft products are on the computer. The product analyzer then generates a report telling users the compliance status of their system. It also provides online access to Year 2000 software updates, if needed.

For those who prefer to have information mailed to them, Microsoft is offering a subscription to a free "Year 2000 Resource CD." The CD, which is available in 14 languages, includes the Microsoft Year 2000 Product Analyzer. It also includes the necessary Year 2000 updates for Microsoft's most popular products as well as white papers and other information about the Year 2000 issue.

America Online to Buy Internet Music Companies

America Online said on Tuesday that it would buy two Internet music companies, Nullsoft Inc. and Spinner Networks Inc., for a total of $400 million in stock.

The acquisitions by America Online underscore the growing popularity of playing and listening to music over the Internet. It will combine AOL's 17-million-plus subscribers, Nullsoft's 15 million WinAmp users, and Spinner's 1.5 million monthly listeners, thereby creating an online audio powerhouse, already nicknamed "The MTV of the Web".

AOL IM 2.1.1187 Beta Released

AOL released a new beta of their popular Instant Messenger (IM) client. AOL Instant Messenger allows you to easily converse and send files among your friends all over the world. Version 2.1.1187 adds the simple yet useful option to switch screen names without having to signoff, as well as the ability to hide IM windows while away.


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