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Windows-Help.NET Newsletter03 Jul. 1999, Vol 2 No. 27

 Windows 98 Service Pack 1 Available

by Arie Slob

Dear Windows-Help.NET Subscriber,

Microsoft has finally posted the bug fixes for Windows 98, known as Service Pack 1 (SP1) to its Web site.

The updates have not been posted to the Windows Update site yet, but can be accessed at the Microsoft Windows 98 Download Web site.

Available updates are:

  • Windows 98 Year 2000 Update
    This update corrects several minor issues associated with generating dates on your computer on or after January 1, 2000. They include the display of leap year calculations in some circumstances, entering expiration dates in Microsoft Wallet, handling of some date/time settings, and incorrect logging of on-line calling.

  • Windows 98 Year 2000 Update 2
    This new update to Windows 98 corrects some minor issues associated with generating dates on your computer on or after January 1, 2000. It does not include previously identified issues, included in Windows 98 Year 2000 Update, and should be installed along with that update.

  • Outlook Express Year 2000 Update
    Download this fix to resolve a Year 2000 problem with Outlook Express 4.01.

  • Internet Explorer 4.01 with Service Pack 2
    Includes Year 2000 compliance and security fixes, improves what you see on your monitor, and resolves other minor issues. Because Service Packs are cumulative, this release contains all previous Service Pack updates and any new updates that are available.

  • Windows 98 System Update
    This System Update includes features for networking, security and accessibility issues.

Instead of downloading these updates, you might want to order them on CD-ROM. Microsoft charges $5 USD for shipping & handling.

Windows 98 Second Edition Updates free for UK & Ireland

Microsoft UK is providing the Windows 98 Second Edition Updates free for customers in the UK & Ireland who have purchased retail copies of Windows 98. Customers who have Windows 98 pre installed on new computer purchases should contact their OEM.

To order your copy, you need to mail or fax proof of purchase (for the original Windows 98 retail) together with a form which you can find (alomg with more details) at Microsoft's UK Web site, or call Microsoft UK Connections on number (0345-002000).

For once it seems that at least some Microsoft users outside the USA & Canada are getting a better deal! (Windows 98 SE was released in the USA on the 10th of June, but carries a $19.95 (+S&H) price tag).

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Windows may block games
In an article on CNN FN last week, it was reported that Microsoft is in negotiations with the two primary game rating agencies -- the Entertainment Software Rating Board and the Recreational Software Advisory Council -- to include software in the next version of the Windows operating system which will allow users to determine what types of games can be played on their computers. The game-blocking option comes as the video game industry has come under siege for marketing violent content to children.

How to Install and Test a Scanner in Windows 98
This Microsoft Knowledge Base article describes how to install and test a scanner in Windows, addressing the following topics:

  • Scanner models detected and drivers installed by Windows 98
  • Installing a scanner
  • Testing a scanner

MSKB Q232569

Internet - E-Commerce

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Windows Tip
Change the size of Icons on your Desktop
See this document to change the size of the Icons on the Desktop. You may also want to check out this document, outlining the steps to change the spacing between the Desktop Icons.

Windows 98 Tip:
Optimizing Removable Disk Drive Performance
Windows 98 gives you the option to use write-behind caching to improve the performance of removable disk drives, such as the Iomega ZIP or JAZ drive.


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  Microsoft Security

Patch Available for "Double Byte Code Page" Vulnerability

Affected Software Versions

  • Microsoft Internet Information Server 3.0 and 4.0, if run on a server whose default language is set to Chinese, Korean, or Japanese

More information.

  Web site updates

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Updated: IRC Networks and Servers, Listing A - F
Added: Windows 98 Service Pack 1 (SP1) components available for download
Added: Microsoft Security: Patch Available for "Double Byte Code Page" Vulnerability

Windows 95
Updated: Win95 OSR2 patch available for use with AMD-K6-2/350 processor

Windows 98
Updated: Dial-Up Networking Errors
Updated: Internet Explorer 5 Tip: Add Radio Bar
Updated: Service Pack 2 for Internet Explorer 4.01
Updated: Internet Explorer 5 Tip: Web Accessories
Updated: Problems Accessing Windows Update
Updated: Internet Explorer 5 Tip: Internet Explorer Repair Tool

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