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 WinLinux 2000 Beta

by Arie Slob

Dear Windows-Help.NET Subscriber,

JRCP's WinLinux 2000 was released for a public final beta last month. WinLinux is pitched as a full Linux distribution to run on Windows installations. It installs under Windows as an add-on, using KDE and being bundled with KOrganizer and Netscape Communicator. JRCP thinks that by bridging Windows and Linux it will be stimulating the porting of apps, games and utilities to Linux. The final product is expected to ship early November.

While this will not get much attention from Linux fans, it might be an opportunity for Windows users to familiarize themselves with Linux.

Microsoft Exposes Worldwide Internet Scam

Millions Spammed, Thousands Unwittingly Purchase Counterfeit Software From Deceptive Internet Resellers.

In the wake of one of the biggest issues facing consumers in the digital age, Microsoft Corp. announced that the company has launched a nationwide crackdown on the growing problem of Internet fraud. Microsoft has filed legal actions against three businesses located throughout the country, alleging an elaborate scheme of consumer deception and distribution of counterfeit software on the Internet. The businesses spammed millions of consumers throughout the world and duped thousands into purchasing counterfeit Microsoft® software.

Each of the defendants in the case is composed of one or two individuals operating on the Internet from their homes and is linked to an unregistered business in Asheville, N.C., called Online Software Club of America (OSCOA). Microsoft first became aware of OSCOA through consumer complaints that the company was sending extremely large quantities of unwanted e-mail messages to the public advertising Microsoft software with a suspicious offering.

What is also interesting to raed in the press release is this passage:

"In some cases, the e-mail looked as though it was coming from e-mail addresses outside of the United States, such as Korea, Mexico, Israel and Italy....... NATM-NET was also believed to be "harvesting" e-mail messages so that when a recipient of the message responded to unsubscribe, he or she would be identified as a real person and thus added to more e-mail lists."

This is a known practice so if you ever get spammed (who doesn't?) never respond to the unsubscribe offer!

Western Digital recalls 400,000 hard drives

Western Digital, announced this week that it will recall approximately 400,000 of its WD Caviar 5400 RPM EIDE hard drives, because of a faulty internal chip. The chip, which affects the disk drive motor, causes problems to erupt in about six to twelve months of full-time use. The affected drives were manufactured between August 27, 1999 and September 24, 1999 and range in capacity from 6.4GB to 20.5GB. None of Western Digital's WD Expert, WD Enterprise, and WD Performer hard drives are affected.

Western Digital released a utility that will identify the affected WD Caviar hard drives. Check out the Western Digital Web site for instructions and download of this Drive Testing Utility.

Netscape Releases Communicator 4.7

Netscape Communications has quietly released Communicator 4.7. Netscape Communicator includes Navigator browser, Messenger e-mail, Composer, AOL Instant Messenger 2.0, RealPlayer G2, PalmPilot Synch tools, plus multimedia plug-ins.



Microsoft DirectX 7

Tap into the fun on your PC with this update to the multimedia system services for Windows. DirectX 7.0 delivers fast performance for DirectX-enabled games and other rich media software programs and provides support for the latest generation of 3-D graphics acceleration hardware.

Download [6.16MB] Win 9.x
Web site

SoundBlaster Live! - Live!Ware 3.0

By reprogramming the EMU10K1 audio processor of Sound Blaster Live!, Creative lets you enjoy new experiences in Internet Entertainment. Live!Ware 3.0 for the Sound Blaster Live! series will transform your sound card into the most ideal audio solution for Internet Entertainment.

Download (available soon)
Web site

Windows 98 Tip
Version Conflict Manager

Sometimes, when installing software, you may have a newer version of a file on your system than the one being installed. Windows 98 Setup automatically installs the (older) Windows 98 file over the newer file and stores the newer version of the file in the \Windows\VCM folder. Those files can be viewed with Version Conflict Manager (VCM).


for a chuckle read
Read Kevin Tippett's popular humor column and put a smile on your face!

NBA Inside Drive 2000 - Trial

The NBA Inside Drive 2000 Trial Version puts you in a rematch of the 1999 NBA Finals, with the never-say-die New York Knicks squaring off against the champion San Antonio Spurs.

Download [21.2MB] Win 9.x
Web site

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  Microsoft Security

Workaround for Internet Explorer 5 "Download Behavior"

Microsoft has learned of a vulnerability in Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5 that could allow a malicious web site operator to take inappropriate action on the computer of a person who visited the site. Customers can immediately protect themselves against this vulnerability by disabling Active Scripting in IE 5, as discussed in the FAQ. Microsoft is also developing a patch that will restore safe operation to the affected feature.

Affected Software Versions

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5

More information

Internet Explorer 5 "ImportExportFavorites" Vulnerability

On September 10, 1999, Microsoft released the original version of this bulletin, in order to provide a workaround for a security vulnerability in Microsoft© Internet Explorer 5 that could allow a malicious web site operator to take inappropriate action on the computer of a person who visited the site. Microsoft has completed a patch that completely eliminates the vulnerability, and has re-released this bulletin in order to advise customers of its availability. In addition to eliminating the "ImportExportFavorites" vulnerability, the patch also eliminates a security vulnerability posed by several ActiveX controls that ship as part of Internet Explorer 4.01 and 5.

Affected Software Versions

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 and 5

More information


This topic is from recent discussion on the Windows-Help.NET Support BBS:

HTML Help ActiveX Control (Windows 98)

"Ever since I loaded Windows 98 SE, when I go to my help menu I get the message "you need a newer version of HHCTRL.OCX to be able to read this file". Can someone please help?"

Thread continues here.

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