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Windows-Help.NET News letter28 Nov. 1998, Vol 1 No. 1

 Windows-Help.NET News letter
by Arie Slob

Dear Windows-Help.NET subscriber,

This is the first issue of the new Newsletter I intend to send out on a weekly basis. I realise that not all of you will be capable of receiving HTML mail, but for the vast majority this won't be a problem. This newsletter will also be available on-line, and a text version is available as well. Information about your free subscription options can be found at the end of this document.

Note that if you where formerly subscribed to both the Windows 95 or 98 Tips & Tricks updates but under slightly different addresses you will receive duplicate copies of this Newsletter. Just unsubscribe 1 of the addresses. For the software the address is a different address than If you have trouble unsubscribing, just send me an email.

The first major announcement I have to make is that I've teamed up with Joseph Burke of InfiniSource, Inc.. The result of this strategic alliance will be a whole new Web site under the banner, with far greater depth and scope than either of our individual Web sites could offer before. InfiniSource will indeed become your gateway to the "Infinite Resources of the Internet".

Soon you will see a completely redesigned Web site, as we merge our Web sites into one vast resource. You can still access your favourite Windows-Help.NET site at it's usual address, that won't change. However, this important development will give me a lot more time to devote to the combined Web site, enabling me to develop it to a far greater extent than was ever before possible.

You are reading the first tangible result of this merger... this redesigned and expanded news letter. We also plan to increase the number of recommended books in the Bookshop. Through our association with we can offer you the service of a renowned Internet retailer, while we - on the other hand - will sift through the vast selection available and try to list only the "best of the breed" books.

In the past week I've updated the Support BBS with the latest software. This greatly enhances the usability of the BBS. And yes, a major change in the BBS color-scheme is in the works, and for the Web site as well.

This will all come together when I have completed work on the new site, which will merge the Windows-Help.NET and sites.



We keep you abreast of these developments and hope to have the new site online by early next year.

In the News

On the 17th of November, a federal judge gave Microsoft 90 days to modify its Windows 98 operating system or pull it from the market. This in relation with the Sun Java lawsuit. Microsoft didn't take long to react.

Microsoft explains how it will comply with the preliminary ruling in the Sun Microsystems lawsuit without impacting users or losing functionality.

If you want to keep up with all the news regarding the Microsoft anti-trust case, visit the IT Works Web site, where Patrick Van Renterghem has assembled a good links page.

Speaking about the anti-trust case, the announcement by America Online on Tuesday that they will acquire Netscape Communications in a stock-for-stock transaction, has already caused Microsoft to urge the government to drop it's anti-trust case against the software giant.

The AOL - Netscape deal is worth around $4.2 billion. At the same time, AOL also announced a strategic alliance with Sun Microsystems, an alliance that will dramatically shift the balance of power in the online world.

Note to Bob Cringely's article Microsoft to kill Samba?

Bob Cringely talks about a Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q166730 which was removed from the Knowledge Base. This article describes how to enable plain passwords in Windows 98, since Windows 98 sends only encrypted passwords by default, and Samba servers can only use unencrypted passwords.

To enable unencrypted passwords in Windows 98, add the registry entry EnablePlainTextPassword (as a DWORD value), to the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ VxD \ Vnetsup, and give it the value 1.

Central Command announces the discovery of the first HTML virus.


Customise Windows 95/98
To customise your copy of Windows 95/98, check out Windows Tweaking Toolbox.

Improve your Download Speed
To potentially double your download speed in both Windows 95/98 & NT, check out TweakDUN (new version 2.22)

Microsoft to kill Samba?
Microsoft is changing its Server Message Block (SMB) communications protocol, and removed all support for Samba on the Microsoft web site, in an apparent attempt to kill this competing product.

Read more in this column by Bob Cringely

See Note

Iomega "Click of Death"
Want to check on the Zip disk casualty figures? Read more about the Click of Death Class Action Lawsuit (Filed 9/10/98)? Check out the "Unofficial Iomega Click of Death Home page"

Microsoft gets Y2K
New effort may make up for late start. Read more in this InfoWorld article.

Microsoft Pinball Arcade
Here's a new Microsoft "giveaway", Microsoft Pinball Arcade. There's a choice of seven class table designs, although you can only play 1 in this trial version.

W9x/NT DEMO. Download (4.58Mb) | Web site.

Windows 2000 Ready PC Program
Microsoft and several leading PC manufacturers have announced the Windows 2000 Ready PC Program, which is designed to help businesses take advantage of Windows NT Workstation 4.0 while preparing for Windows 2000 Professional.

Windows NT® Services for UNIX add-on pack
With its new Services for UNIX Add-On Pack, Microsoft makes it easier to integrate Windows NT Workstation 4.0 and the Windows NT® Server 4.0 operating system with existing UNIX environments.

  These pages were added/updated in the past week:

Pages Added/Updated on the Windows 95 site:

Outlook Express Tips:
Updated: How to make an e-mail template

Added: Win95 OSR2 patch available for use with AMD-K6-2/350 processor

Pages Added/Updated on the Windows 98 site:

Outlook Express Tips:
Updated: How to make an e-mail template

  Recommended Book:

Maximum Security: A Hacker's Guide to Protecting Your Internet Site and Network

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The book makes it clear from the outset that you cannot rely on commercial software for security. Some of it is flawed, and even the best of it has to be used correctly to provide even the most basic security measures. The author scrutinizes such operating systems as Microsoft Windows, Unix, Novell, and Macintosh.


The author details many of the tools crackers use to attack the system, including several that have legitimate uses for system administration. Rather than merely cataloging areas of risk and showing how various flaws can be exploited, he makes every effort to show how security holes can be avoided and remedied. Maximum Security tells you which software to avoid and then details which security tools are invaluable, providing the URLs necessary to acquire them. An enclosed CD-ROM provides links to many of the tools and resources discussed in the book.

Highly recommended for Network Administrators!

  An Introduction..

Greetings to all my friends at Windows-Help.NET. My name is Joseph Burke and I am president of InfiniSource, Inc., and the original creator of the Web site. We have worked hard to make InfiniSource a valuable Internet resource and have tried to keep it updated as best we can. But with our growing focus on developing Internet-related software, this has become increasingly difficult to do without expanding that department.

We are very excited about this new merger between Windows-Help.Net and InfiniSource. The small windows tips and tricks section at InfiniSource


will be greatly expanded with the vast treasure trove of information on Windows-Help.Net.

And the very talented and dedicated Arie Slob will be able to devote his full-time efforts to maintaining and developing this newly merged site. It is our specific joint intention to develop InfiniSource into one of the premier resources centers on the Internet.

In addition we will redouble our efforts to bring you more exciting Internet software. In addition to the award winning TweakDUN, we also have several other 5 star shareware for you to enhance your Internet experience, including ClipCache from Xrayz Software and DU Meter from Hagel Technologies.


We are also in the final pre-release stages with an exciting new Internet tool called LinkFox which is sure to significantly enhance your web browsing experience. You can read more about our select software collection at our Web site.

Everyone at InfiniSource is looking forward to the new year and the new look and feel of the combined Windows-Help.Net and Web sites. We're sure you will like what you find too, and we look forward to serving you in the future.


Joseph Burke